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Six Ways to Take Action for Animals While Social Distancing 

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As people who do everything we can to stand up for animals, we can start feeling a bit helpless when confined to our homes. We may not be out and able to advocate for animals, or share a vegan meal with a pre-vegan, but luckily, there are still steps we can take to continue our activism in this strange new …


Wendy’s Canada Quietly Debuts Plant-Based “Plantiful Burger”

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Wendy’s tests new plant-based burger in Canada With the ongoing vegan buzz around fast-food chains like Dunkin’ and Burger King, it looks like Wendy’s might finally be catching up by testing a plant-based burger in Etobicoke, Ontario. After an advertisement for the burger was spotted in Ontario, we followed up with several stores in the region where workers informed us …

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McDonald’s Canada Testing Beyond Meat Burger

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McDonald’s now offers a P.L.T. (plant, lettuce, tomato) Beyond Meat burger in select Canada locations. This progress comes following mounting pressure on the fast food giant to catch up with competitors, including hundreds of comments from Animal Outlook supporters and popular petitions like this one. Though McDonald’s has previously tested vegan options in markets like Germany and the UK, the …

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McDonald’s Vegan Burger Debuts in Chicago

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As demand for plant-based food increases, McDonald’s makes a vegan burger option available on its menu. Join us in asking the fast food chain to make a vegan burger available nationwide. A coalition of animal rights organizations has long asked McDonald’s to make changes for birds suffering in its supply chain. Tactics include a video ad seen by millions in Times …

VIDEO: Moms Ask for a BOCA Brand Kind to All Mothers

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Just ahead of Mother’s Day, moms are speaking out in a video call to action, asking Kraft Heinz to choose kindness for all mothers by dropping cruelly produced cow’s milk from its BOCA brand. While BOCA has become a meatless household name, dairy is still used in the majority of its product line, despite the cycle of cruelty endured by …

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Beyond Meat Going Beyond the US — To 50+ Countries!

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Beyond Meat’s popular plant-based foods have sprouted up across the country, including in major grocery stores (even in the meat aisle) and on the menu at restaurant chains like TGI Fridays. Plus, did you know you can the Beyond Sausage in Whole Foods stores nationwide, or being served up at baseball games at Yankee Stadium? Now, the Beyond Burger is …

COK Opposing Meat-Industry Efforts to Squash Vegan Protein

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Compassion Over Killing joins a coalition opposing dangerous proposals by animal agribusiness that would shield meat producers from plant-based competition. Vegan foods are sprouting up everywhere, as consumers increasingly demand healthier, kinder meat alternatives. In a desperate display, the factory farming industry is flexing its lobbying muscles to squash the rise of vegan proteins, by trying to stop these popular foods …

Kraft Heinz Backing the ‘Future’ of Food: Plants!

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Compassion Over Killing is urging Kraft Heinz, the parent company of meatless BOCA Foods, to kraft a better BOCA by ditching cruel dairy to make the brand vegan. Quickly signed by nearly 44,000 people, our petition points out that BOCA is lagging behind its meatless competitors, such as Lightlife, that have gone vegan to meet consumer demand and move their product lines …

Everyone’s Predicting Veganism Will Be the Hottest Food Trend in 2018

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2018 is in full swing, and whether or not you’ve kept going with those New Year’s resolutions, there’s still plenty of time to make positive changes. Keep hope alive! For example: Every day, we have more chances to choose compassion at each meal. This year, many food trend-watchers are agreeing on one thing: veganism is the hottest thing since sliced bread. If …