10 Vegan Athletes Making Strides for Veganism

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From weightlifting to basketball and long-distance running, more and more athletes are proving that a vegan diet fuels success. Here is a list of ten vegan athletes who’ve made significant strides on and off the playing field.    1. Scott Jurek First on the list is Scott Jurek. Scott is an ultrarunner and credits his vegan diet for his endurance, recovery, …

Five Health Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

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Whether vegan for the animals, the environment, or your health, reducing meat and dairy consumption has a myriad of health benefits. Studies show that a plant-based diet can be the healthiest approach to eating, with wide-ranging effects that extend to almost every aspect of our health. Here’s five ways plant-based eating positively impacts our bodies: #1 Reduced risk of cancer …

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Memorial Day Weekend: BBQ Season Begins

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There’s something about Memorial Day weekend that just spells SUMMER. And for me, summertime has always been about spending as much time as possible poolside, lingering with family and friends into the cool evening hours — which means lots of opportunities for grilling outdoors.  In contrast to Texan barbecues I later encountered during my days in Houston and Austin, the …

5 Tips for the Traveling Vegan

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With Covid restrictions loosening up, a lot of us are traveling again after nearly two years on hiatus. So, maybe our gadabout practices — from packing to planning — are a little rusty. And, whether new to the vegan scene (our most recent VegWeek first-time pledgers!) or a seasoned vegan, perhaps we’re feeling a little stressed at the thought of …


VICTORY: IHOP Testing Vegan Breakfast Sandwich

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After more than two years of campaigning by Animal Outlook and Vegan Outreach, and thousands of petition signatures later, IHOP is testing its first vegan breakfast sandwich. The sandwich, dubbed the Plant-Based Cali and made with Just Egg and Sweet Earth vegan sausage, is now available at one Flip’d by IHOP location in New York City. This is a huge …


5 Tips for Going Vegan in the New Year

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Explore lots of different recipes Common misconception: vegans eat salad every day. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There are many Facebook groups, Instagram pages and blogs dedicated to sharing delicious plant-based recipes, tutorials, tips and hacks. Check out the Academy of Culinary Nutrition’s top 50 vegan blogs for more ideas and inspiration. Try plant-based alternatives for your “old” …