Animal Outlook's Farm Transitions

Program grew out of a recognition of the need for a new kind of intervention – an agricultural revolution that could effectively remove large numbers of animals from industrial animal agriculture by providing farmers currently ensnared within this exploitative system an off-ramp away from animal agriculture toward plant farming.

American farmers control billions of animals and are all but locked into a system that relies on stripping them of their control to maintain power imbalances, resulting in a poorly functioning and ultra-competitive market. This type of manipulation prevents farmers from controlling their own destiny. Corporations that buy and market these animals have essentially forced farmers into a cycle of indentured servitude, in which they take on more debt to remain in business.

In 2017

Animal Outlook began developing a program with all the necessary components to remove exit and entry barriers for animal farmers to transition into farming plants in a way that will ultimately empower farmers and be scalable and impactful for both farmers and animals.

Our comprehensive farm transitions program includes business planning; technical support; information regarding law and policy; transactional, finance and debt relief options; publicity and farm visibility; and marketing components. We are currently in the research and program design stage.

Are you a dairy, poultry, swine or other animal farmer?

We are currently recruiting farmers to participate in our feasibility studies to fully convert their facilities from animal- to plant-growing facilities. These pilot transitions will form the basis for replicable models in a variety of types of farming and alternative business plans. Contact to learn more or to apply to be a part of this program.

We are also a proud partner in the Farm Transformations Toolkit project, which is a joint initiative between Animal Outlook, Transfarmations and Miyoko’s Creamery. The toolkit is a resource hub designed for farmers interested in learning how to transition into a more profitable and sustainable system. It has free technical, business planning, financing, legal, consulting, and other resources.

Key supporters:

Stray Dog Institute    David Reuben      Dr. Bronner’s