Complete Support For 21st Century Farmers.

Our Farm Transitions Program provides farmers with comprehensive support: plans, resources and tools to transform their animal agribusiness to a successful, future-forward plant-focused agri-business. In doing so, we lay the seeds for a food system shift that is better for farmers, the environment, and of course the farmed animals that are ensnared into our antiquated, unsustainable system. We provide a bright road forward for independence for farmers—one that empowers vs. exploits, one that is tailored to each farmer’s needs and goals and one that enables cross-pollination and sharing of knowledge and assets with other farmers vs. an us-against-them insularity.

Our Farm Transitions Program Encompasses All Necessary Conversion Components, Including…

  • An intake and assessment report
  • Due diligence background research
  • Business planning, scaling, process development
  • Technical support
  • Information regarding law and policy
  • Transactional, finance and debt relief options
  • Architectural consulting
  • Marketing, PR consulting 
  • Legal assistance

Animal Outlook’s program is uniquely shaped by our Agronomic Technical Professional (ATP) expertise which brings deep experience that includes—and goes beyond—agronomic economics and finance.  The Farm Transitions ATP work creates a customizable blueprint for scalability and we work closely with farmers at every stage, from initial planning to transition and beyond.

Farm Transition Goal: Move Our Food System From Animal - To Plant-Focused Production.

We accomplish this by:

  • Providing a comprehensive set of services to transition farmers, including agronomic professionals to help farmers to shape the future of farming starting today
  • Empower farmers so they can be more autonomous and have the freedom to make decisions based on their specific needs and goals 
  • Institute a new more sustainable and planet-friendly agribusiness, one that seeks to preserve and even regenerate natural resources
  • Remove exit barriers for animal farmers and create a strong business plan for plant farmers—one that is customized, scalable and designed for profitability 
  • And more.

Are You A Dairy, Poultry, Cattle, Pig, or Other Animal-Based Farmer?

We are currently recruiting farmers to participate in our feasibility studies to fully convert their facilities from animal to plant growing facilities. These pilot transitions will form the basis for replicable models in a variety of types of farming and alternative business plans. The consultation is free of charge to the farmer.

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We are also a proud partner in the Farm Transformations Toolkit project, which is a joint initiative between Animal Outlook, Transfarmations and Miyoko’s Creamery. The toolkit is a resource hub designed for farmers interested in learning how to transition into a more profitable and sustainable system. It has free technical, business planning, financing, legal, consulting, and other resources.

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