Chipotle Introduces Vegan Options Guide

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Chipotle has a new vegan options guide, making it easier than ever to order your sofritas and other vegan options Plant-based eating is truly taking over the world of fast food — and it’s poised to be a top global food trend this year. Popular demand already prompted Taco Bell to unveil an easy vegan options guide to make it …


Food Trends: Plants & Meat-Free Meats Are In

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Meat-free in 2017 Plant-based “meats” had a big year in 2016: from their starring spot on the World Health Summit menu, to being sold right alongside their meat counterparts in meat aisles across the U.S. According to Grist, “Someday we’ll look back at 2016 as the year we realized we might be perfectly happy to give up meat.” As consumers increasingly …

Animal Outlook

Animal Outlook in 2016: The Power of Change

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2016: Our Year in Review THANK YOU: Together, we are changing the world for animals. As highlighted in our year-in-review video, Animal Outlook has achieved groundbreaking progress and victories for farmed animals in 2016, thanks to your generosity and support. Our brave investigator uncovered for the time ever the horrors hidden inside chicken breeding factory farms. We successfully persuaded three top …

taco bell

Consumers Asked, Taco Bell Responds By Rolling Out a Vegan Options Guide

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Taco Bell Introduces New Vegan Guide to Menu Successful campaigns by Animal Outlook have brought meatless and vegan meals to the fast-food mainstream, from Subway (the world’s largest restaurant chain), to Dunkin’, Pita Pit and more. As consumer demand for plant-based options grows, other food industry giants are taking note and making changes. Taco Bell recently released a hugely popular guide …

meatless monday

Meatless Monday: World Health Summit Goes Meat-Free

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Meatless Monday menu is highlight of World Health Summit  Awareness of the dire health risks presented by a diet laden with animal products is ever-growing, and so too is awareness of the many health benefits of a plant-based diet. Research shows that processed meats can cause cancer and that a meat-heavy diet is as bad as smoking. On the flip side, from …


Vegan Eating In The Spotlight

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Vegan eating is more popular than ever. Here, fashion and lifestyle magazine Vogue highlights a vegan pop tart recipe from Rawcells, calling it a “healthier version” of the well-known toaster treat, and adds that one look at the Rawcells Instagram page might convince you to go vegan. Other publications are putting plants on their pages (digital or otherwise) too. SELF just posted four …


Alzheimer’s Linked To Diets High in Animal Products

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Alzheimer’s linked to diets high in animal products, says new study A recent study found that the heavy consumption of meat and other animal products, typically found in Western diets, raises the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, the most common form of dementia. The study, published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, explains that meat consumption has the strongest link …

Hellmann’s to Make Vegan Sandwich Spread After Dropping Suit Against Hampton Creek

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Hellmann’s has announced the release of an eggless “Carefully Crafted Dressing & Sandwich Spread” — a vegan “mayo.” The product is due to hit store shelves later this month. This comes in the wake of Unilever’s (the parent company of Hellmann’s brand) 2014 attack on plant-based mayo maker Hampton Creek. Unilever filed suit claiming the company’s Just Mayo product was mislabeled because it doesn’t …

Beyond Amazing: Former McDonald’s CEO Joins Beyond Meat

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Beyond Meat welcomes former McDonald’s CEO The last few weeks have seen meatless eating go more mainstream than ever. Panera announced more veg-friendly options, Guinness discontinued the use of fish bladders in its beer-making process, and now this: Former McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson has joined forces with a vegan company. Beyond Meat, a California-based start-up changing the face of the …