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Beyond Meat Going Beyond the US — To 50+ Countries!

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Beyond Meat’s popular plant-based foods have sprouted up across the country, including in major grocery stores (even in the meat aisle) and on the menu at restaurant chains like TGI Fridays.

Plus, did you know you can the Beyond Sausage in Whole Foods stores nationwide, or being served up at baseball games at Yankee Stadium?

Now, the Beyond Burger is going beyond the US, soon to be available on six continents! Announcing the exciting news, the company writes that this will offer what it calls “a revolutionary solution to the growing global demand for protein.”

The plant-based patty will be in over 50 countries, including Australia, Canada, Chile, Germany, Israel, Korea, Mexico, South Africa, Taiwan, and United Arab Emirates.

Meanwhile, in the US, the Beyond Sausage has hit Whole Foods stores nationwide and is even being served up at Yankee Stadium, and more.

To feed the meatless market that keeps growing as consumers pick kinder, healthier plant protein, many more vegan foods are sure to keep showing up worldwide.

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