Everyone’s Predicting Veganism Will Be the Hottest Food Trend in 2018

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2018 is in full swing, and whether or not you’ve kept going with those New Year’s resolutions, there’s still plenty of time to make positive changes. Keep hope alive! For example: Every day, we have more chances to choose compassion at each meal.

This year, many food trend-watchers are agreeing on one thing: veganism is the hottest thing since sliced bread. If you’re been waffling about whether or not to jump on the plant-based bandwagon, here are all the folks who think it’s a wise idea in the new year.

At the Winter Fancy Food Show, the Specialty Food Association labeled plant-based the hottest new thing to hit shelves and stores. “The plant-based trend really seems to be the biggest one hitting a bunch of different categories,” said Denise Purcell, head of content for the Specialty Food Association. “Not just alternative proteins, but we’re seeing dairy-free frozen desserts that are nut milk-based, more plant-based snacks, convenience foods, things like that.”

Baum + Whiteman, a group of international food and restaurant consultants, named plant-based foods its top trend of the year, writing: “Millennials and Gen Xers are embracing ‘plant-based’ food while still young … and probably sticking with it.” The report also predicts that vegan cheese will “become commonplace” on burger and pizza chain menus, and that more restaurants will offer plant-based meats as entrees, and more store chains will offer dairy-free frozen desserts.

Even industry news outlets are calling plant-based eating a major and growing trend, and poultry industry site WATTAgNet predicted plant-based eating will increase in 2018, writing: “Last year, plant-based proteins became more mainstream, thanks to heightened interest from both consumers and investors. Just in the past few days, for example, the supposed health benefits of a vegan or plant-based proteins versus animal proteins earned coverage in influential lifestyle media like Shape, Men’s Fitness and Popsugar. Those outlets point to the buzz currently surrounding plant-based alternatives, the increasing popularity of vegan diets with athletes and the research suggesting better health outcomes linked to eating less meat.”

Basically, everyone is getting on the plant protein train, from meat companies to restaurateurs to supermarkets. We’re seeing a renaissance in the food industry, and plant-based products are more available, healthier, and more delicious than ever.

Here’s to a plant-packed 2018!

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