CVS Stores Spotlight Healthier Vegan Foods

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CVS knows that people want plants, and in an effort to spotlight healthier foods, the convenience store has made it even finding vegan options even more convenient. The chain added a whole host of new options to store shelves for healthier grab-and-go snack choices.

As part of a series of upgrades, the popular chain is offering plant-based eats, including many under its own Gold Emblem line, in new healthy-eating “Trend Zones.” The company’s also cutting back on some less healthy options, moving healthy stuff toward the front of stores, and dedicating about 1/4 of checkout-lane space to better-for-you snacks.

As part of its initiative, last year CVS added vegan options include Gimme organic roasted seaweed snacks, Larabar Bites, Pure organic fruit and nut bars, Somersaults crunchy sunflower seed bites, Beanitos black bean chips, and Gold Emblem veggie chips, reports the Miami New Times.

Brands like Amy’s Kitchen, Annie’s Homegrown, and Rhythm Superfoods are all on the list.

It’s no surprise that more and more stores are stocking plant-based foods: Research shows demand for vegan and meat-free eating is on the rise. A Global Data report reveals veganism has sprouted by 600% in the US just since 2014! And QSR recently suggested that brands can improve their restaurants by ‘inviting vegans’ with additions to their menus.

Customers asked, and CVS responded with vegan options! “We want to empower customers to make healthy choices when and how they choose, without limiting those who follow specific nutritional lifestyles,” Judy Sansone of CVS Health told the Miami New Times. “Our team has done a great job listening to our customers and providing them with the healthy eating trends and brands that they want to find in our stores.”

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