Wendy’s Canada Quietly Debuts Plant-Based “Plantiful Burger”

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After the ongoing vegan buzz around fast-food chains like Dunkin’ and Burger King, it looks like Wendy’s might finally be catching up by testing a plant-based burger in Etobicoke, Ontario.

After an advertisement for the burger was spotted in Ontario by Amanda Logan, Compassion Over Killing followed up with several stores in the region, where workers informed us that while the patty itself is being marketed as “100% plant-based,” the menu item does, in fact, include egg ingredients (which may be the optional mayo or bun), making it vegetarian. The burger is reportedly designed for “flexitarians,” or people hoping to cut back on their meat intake. The “Plantiful Burger” also comes with (non-vegan) cheese and LTO.

Wendy’s has introduced a veggie burger before, as the result of a Change.org petition started by actor and comedian Steve-O, but the black bean burger was discontinued in 2017. But now, vegan fast-food is becoming the new normal as chains like Dunkin’, Burger King, and even McDonald’s utilize high-tech meat substitute products like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods.  

Though the Plantiful Burger doesn’t seem to be from either of those burger producers, COK was told the recipe involves pea protein, the main protein used in Beyond Meat. 

Some posts have been made on social media by people who have seen or tasted the burger, but it has managed to stay pretty under the radar so far. Though not fully vegan, this step represents yet another win for animals and the future of food. 

Get involved: Click to tweet at Wendy’s urging the chain to bring a vegan burger to the U.S.!

Photo: Amanda Logan

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