Ask Companies for More Vegan Options.

Martha Stewart: Cut Ties with Cruel Salmon

A recent Animal Outlook (formerly COK) investigation exposed shockingly cruel treatment and deplorable living conditions at a salmon hatchery owned by a company that has recently teamed up with Martha Stewart for a new seafood line. Martha, a self-proclaimed animal lover, can make waves for sea animals by cutting ties with True North and investing in a vegan alternative instead!
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bucket of dead and dying fish

IHOP Vegan

Animal Outlook (formerly Compassion Over Killing) has joined forces with Vegan Outreach to encourage International House of Pancakes (IHOP) to become the first national breakfast chain to serve up delicious, cholesterol-free, vegan pancakes!
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vegan pancakes

Dunkin’: A Vegan Donut Would Be a Slam Dunk!

In 2014, Dunkin’ responded to thousands of you who supported our campaign saying, “You’ve asked and we’ve heard,” and began pouring out almond milk for our dairy-free coffee. Now, we are back at it to tell the coffee giant that a vegan donut would be a slam dunk. Monumental progress was made when Dunkin’ recently rolled out a Beyond Meat breakfast sausage patty nationwide after its overwhelming success in Manhattan trial locations. Join us in keeping the heat on Dunkin’ until it rolls out a vegan donut!

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Not So Fast, USDA!

Despite hearing from over a quarter million outraged consumers, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is moving forward to expand a cruel, dangerous pilot program that allows pig slaughterhouses to kill pigs as fast as they want, while simultaneously pulling back on government oversight. Now the agency has its sights set on poultry plants. Help us put the brakes on reckless high-speed slaughter!

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chickens in slaughterhouse

Kraft a Better Boca

In 2010, meatless brand BOCA dropped eggs from its products in response to our campaign. Now, we’re asking parent Kraft Heinz to take the next step and ditch cruel dairy. With your support, the brand has now gone mostly vegan--but continues to cling to cruel cow’s milk in a handful of its products, despite curdling consumer demand for dairy. Join us in urging the company to Kraft a better BOCA!
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McDonald's Cruelty Won't Fly

Hundreds of millions of chickens are crammed in filthy, ammonia-ridden sheds and bred to grow so unnaturally large, so unnaturally fast that their legs often collapse under the weight of their own morbidly obese bodies--all for McDonald’s menu. Join us in telling McDonald’s to end the worst abuses of birds in its supply chain and dish out compassionate vegan burgers!
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