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Give A Cluck: It’s National Chicken Month!

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Did you know that September is National Chicken Month? At least that’s what the chicken industry has declared. So we’ve decided to join in on the celebration — with our own compassionate spin, of course!

Like all birds, chickens are smart animals with unique personalities as well as complex and meaningful social relationships. In fact, their intelligence is so advanced that a recent study by the University of Bristol revealed that chickens can perform basic math, draw references, apply logic, and even plan ahead for the future.

Yet, sadly, each year in the US, more than 8 billion of these smart and social birds are raised and killed for their meat. Countless more suffer and die before even reaching the slaughterhouse. Few people have seen the daily miseries these baby birds are forced to endure — until very recently.

Earlier this year, CNN aired two in-depth stories featuring COK’s heart-breaking undercover video exposing the painful realities behind the closed doors of a North Carolina chicken factory farm. The footage reveals birds crammed by inside filthy sheds, many with painful leg deformities or ammonia burns on their skin. It also shows shocking scenes of sick or injured birds being buried alive.

For National Chicken Month, let’s shine a bright light on these horrors typically kept hidden from public view and empower others to stand up for these animals simply by choosing to leave them off our plates.

Here are a few ways you can help make a difference right now:

  1. Visit to watch and share our powerful undercover video, read more about this investigation, and see the CNN media coverage.
  2. Sign and share this petition – “Burying animals alive is cruel and should be prosecuted!” started by a North Carolina resident seeking justice for the birds who were buried alive on this factory farm.
  3. Sign this pledge to protect chickens and get a BOGO free coupon from Beyond Meat! Limited offer that ends on Sept 30.[/box]

Thanks for speaking out for animals – and for sharing this widely to encourage others to express their compassion by choosing vegan foods!

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