Five Easy Things You Can Do To Help Farmed Animals — Right Now

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Farmed animals: How can you help them — right now? If you care about animals or want to learn the truth about the cruel abuse of animals in the animal agriculture industry, now is the time to get involved in the animal protection movement. Here are five easy ways to get started. Intern or Volunteer With Animal Outlook  We’re always …

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McDonald’s Canada Testing Beyond Meat Burger

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McDonald’s now offers a P.L.T. (plant, lettuce, tomato) Beyond Meat burger in select Canada locations. This progress comes following mounting pressure on the fast food giant to catch up with competitors, including hundreds of comments from Animal Outlook supporters and popular petitions like this one. Though McDonald’s has previously tested vegan options in markets like Germany and the UK, the …


Nine Facts about Cows That May Surprise You

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Cows, like all farmed animals, have unique personalities and experience a wide range of emotions just like humans, cats and dogs. In fact, these playful animals remind us of man’s best friend in a few ways–if you’re willing to overlook the four extra digestive compartments. Here are a couple things you may not have known about our gentle friends. -Cows, …

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COK Video Tours Take Thousands ‘Beyond The Lies’ of Animal Ag

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Compassion Over Killing (COK) has just wrapped up its summer Beyond The Lies tours, and we are proud to announce that with your support for this new COK program, our crews have connected with nearly 12,500 people in 36 cities across the nation on Vans Warped Tour and across California, opening up meaningful dialogue about the shocking truth of how …

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McDonald’s Chicken: Activists Demand Better Treatment for Birds

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Last Sunday, more than 220 activists gathered at McDonald’s in Los Angeles to protest the terrible treatment of birds in McDonald’s chicken supply line. The demonstration was part of a coalition led by The Humane League, Animal Outlook, Animal Equality and Mercy For Animals to encourage the fast food giant to implement meaningful standards that would eliminate some of the …

World Vegan Day: Simple Ways to Celebrate Compassion!

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Today is World Vegan Day! Sadly, more than nine billion animals are slaughter for food each year in the U.S.  As Compassion Over Killing’s investigations have exposed time and time again, animals endure systematic cruelty and suffering on factory farms. But you have the power to stand up for animals every time you sit down to eat, simply by choosing …

Federal Judge Rules Utah’s Ag-Gag Law Is Unconstitutional

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In a victory for animals and freedom of speech, a federal judge has just ruled that Utah’s ag-gag law is unconstitutional, for violating the First Amendment. Judge Robert Shelby found that the law, which he wrote is “perfectly tailored toward … preventing undercover investigators from exposing abuses at agricultural facilities,” suppresses “broad swaths of protected speech without justification.” Though the …