The Year of the Vegan: Our Actions for Animals in 2019

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Animal Outlook (formerly Compassion Over Killing) is an unwavering force for farmed animals, and your support has made 2019 one of our best years yet. As we look toward 2020 and our 25th year of compassion, here are a few ways we made the prediction that 2019 would be the “year of the vegan” come true. 1. Exposing cruelty to …


Dunkin’ Promises More Plant-Based Options at Shareholder Meeting

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Today, Animal Outlook put Dunkin’ in the hot seat for a vegan donut at its annual shareholder meeting–prompting a promising response that there are vegan options on the way. After adding almond milk to its menu in 2014, Dunkin’ has yet to cater to the tens of thousands of us asking for a vegan donut. But the CEO announced last …

COK’s Irina Anta Named Co-Chair of American Bar Association’s Animals in Agriculture Subcommittee

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From the courtrooms to the court of public opinion, Compassion Over Killing’s dedicated legal team tirelessly defends animals and strives for justice. Now, Irina Anta, COK Counsel, will be advocating for farmed animals in a new role in addition to her innovative work at COK. Irina has just been appointed as Co-Chair of the Animals in Agriculture Subcommittee of the …

Activists gather outside of McDonald's in New York City

ACTION ALERT: Tell McDonald’s to Do Better for Birds

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This week, activists have been putting pressure on McDonald’s at their headquarters in Chicago and across the country, telling the fast food giant to do better by birds. You can take action too. Chickens raised for food are often bred for cruel rapid growth, becoming so unnaturally large at such a young age that many cannot even support their own …

gay pride

June is Pride Month: Celebrate Compassion & Equality for All

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June first marks the beginning of Pride month: a commemoration of the Stonewall Riots that some consider to be the spark that lit the fire of gay liberation. This month we celebrate our fellow activists working towards a more compassionate world. Remember: the first Pride was a protest! Many LGBTQ people and activists (like Jane Velez-Mitchell, Joshua Katcher, pattrice jones, …

These Women Are Changing the World

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Women comprise almost 51% of the population — and they’re even more of a dominant force in the farm animal protection and advocacy movement! The vast majority of humans working in this field have always been female, from chefs to front-line activists to those leading organizations. These rock star advocates deserve accolades for their remarkable work to create a kinder …

Research: Oppression of Animals and Women Linked

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A new study, published in the journal of Feminism and Psychology, draws ties between attitudes about meat eating and gender, and sexism. Researchers Ashley Allcorn and Shirley M. Ogletree, who surveyed hundreds of undergraduate students at a Texas university, write that their findings “empirically supported ‘the linked oppression thesis,’ that gender and animal attitudes are connected.” “As hypothesized, pro meat-eating …

World Vegan Day: Simple Ways to Celebrate Compassion!

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Today is World Vegan Day! Sadly, more than nine billion animals are slaughter for food each year in the U.S.  As Compassion Over Killing’s investigations have exposed time and time again, animals endure systematic cruelty and suffering on factory farms. But you have the power to stand up for animals every time you sit down to eat, simply by choosing …