McDonald’s Debuts Vegan Burger in Chicago: Ask for One Nationwide!

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As demand for vegan food sizzles across the country, mega fast food chain McDonald’s just cooked up a vegan burger option now on the menu at its Chicago headquarters.

Join us in asking the fast food chain to ‘ketchup’ to its fast food competitors by serving up a vegan burger nationwide!

Compassion Over Killing, along with a coalition of organizations, has long been grilling McDonald’s to make changes for birds suffering in its supply chain — from a powerful video ad seen by millions in Times Square, to eye-opening demonstrations, and more.

COK even sent a “singing chicken” to ruffle feathers at McDonald’s, bringing our message to its Chicago HQ: cruelty won’t fly.

Now, McDonald’s is serving up its vegan McAloo Tikki burger at that same Chicago store. VegNews reports the Indian-inspired patty is made with potatoes and peas and topped with onion and tomato, and you can order it vegan without the mayo.

A nationwide McAloo Tikki, and other vegan options, could be on their way to McDonald’s. Its Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy Lucy Brady recently said “plant-based protein is something we’re keeping our eye on,” citing the popularity of plant-powered patties like the Impossible Burger.

Fast-casual vegan food is so hot right now, that due to customer demand, major chains like  Taco Bell and Chipotle have even rolled out guides to choosing from their many vegan options.

On store shelves too, convenient and quick vegan meals are selling like hot cakes. As thousands join COK’s campaign for a vegan BOCA brand, the company recently debuted the first all-vegan turkey burger!

It’s time for McDonald’s to stop clowning around and offer a vegan burger, too — for a meal that makes all of its consumers as well as animals happy.

Let’s keep grilling McDonald’s for a nationwide vegan option! Submit a quick comment on our easy form today.


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