McDonald’s Canada to Test Beyond Meat “P.L.T.” Burger

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Finally beginning to catch up with plant-based demand, McDonald’s has announced that it will be trialing a plant-based “P.L.T.” Beyond Meat burger in select Canada locations. This progress is happening after mounting pressure on McDonald’s to catch up with competitors, including hundreds of comments from Compassion Over Killing supporters and popular petitions like this one.

Though McDonald’s has previously debuted vegan options in markets like Germany and the UK, the chain’s progress has been eclipsed by U.S. fast-food restaurants like Burger King, which began offering the Impossible Whopper nationwide this summer. Beyond Meat has also been making its way onto menus, including the debut of a vegetarian breakfast sandwich at Dunkin’

The new McDonald’s burger, called the P.L.T. (plant, lettuce, and tomato), will be available for 12 weeks in 28 restaurants in Southwestern Ontario, CNBC reports. Vegans should request the burger without cheese and mayo.

This, however, may be the first step in a more widespread vegan option at one of the biggest fast-food restaurants in the world–one which currently doesn’t offer any substantial vegan options in its U.S. market. That’s right–even the fries contain beef flavoring and milk.  

This rise in vegan eating is in part due to a growing awareness of the extreme suffering  on cruel factory farms, where animals are crammed by the thousands in filthy conditions for their entire short lives before a violent slaughter. Compassion Over Killing is continuing to shine a  light on the truth of the meat industry with powerful investigations and working to make compassionate vegan options more accessible than ever. Stateside, we continue to pressure McDonald’s to offer a nationwide vegan option, and to address egregious abuses in its chicken supply line.

The best way to get McDonald’s to ditch cruelty and pivot towards plant-based options? Tell them we want it. It’s time for us to let the fast-food giant know that we want it to stop dishing out cruel animal products and offer a vegan burger.


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