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Current open positions:

Farm Transformations Program Director & Consultant

Remote, United States


Terms of Employment: Full-time, Exempt

Reports to: Chief of Staff, working closely with Executive Director

Supervises: N/A

Location: Remote, Los Angeles, or the Bay Area (Petaluma)

Benefits: Remote work, flexible hours, health benefits, retirement plan, generous vacation package, room for advancement to Senior Director of Farm Transformations Program with AO

Salary: $85,000 to $95,000 plus benefits, depending on experience

The Problem

Pressing inequalities run rampant through the animal agriculture system – for people, animals, and the environment. Farmers face the brunt of the harm, locked into a system that is reliant on power imbalances and a poorly functioning competitive market. To be profitable, farmers are forced to expand operations, enter exploitative contracts with big agribusinesses, and subsequently acquire increasing amounts of debt. All the while, billions of animals are bred and killed to perpetuate a system that is ultimately untenable for animals, farmers, human health, and the environment.

Animal Outlook (AO) is building an ambitious solution to this problem by creating a pathway to help farmers transition out of industrial animal agriculture. By developing and implementing a supply-side model that removes exit and entry barriers to transition animal farmers to plant-based agriculture, AO’s farm transformations program will offer farmers an attractive and attainable alternative to the present system, ultimately uplifting rural livelihoods, protecting the planet, and positively changing the lives of countless animals.

About Animal Outlook 

Animal Outlook is a national non-profit animal protection charity working to create a kinder world for all. As a complement to AO’s work on legal advocacy, investigations, education, outreach, and corporate campaigns, AO’s innovative Farm Transformations Program works to develop a scalable program to effectively transition farms from animal agriculture to plant-based agriculture. The Farm Transformations Program strives to address the systematic animal cruelty inherent to factory farming from the supply side.  

Position Overview 

AO is seeking a Program Director for their Farm Transformations Program that will explore the benefits of transitioning from animal farming to plant-based agriculture. While this is an AO position, during the first year, the Director will spend approximately half of their time devoted to the first farm transformation test case done in partnership with Miyoko’s Creamery’s Dairy Farm Transition Program. Through this collaboration, the Director will act as a pro bono consultant for Miyoko’s by contributing research that leverages and guides their pilot dairy farm transition test case.

This role will complete the buildout, implementation, and launch of AO’s Farm Transformations Program by spearheading in-depth technical research and utilizing existing material on the financial and business implications of farm transitions. It will involve the Miyoko’s pilot test case, as well as other small-scale testing, and will develop adaptive farm transformation blueprints that inform farm transformation strategy, finance, management, and business development.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Conduct in-depth preparatory technical research and analysis (and utilize existing material) to design and guide the Miyoko’s dairy farm transition test case and further transformation projects with AO

o   Investigate and determine the financial resources and incentives for dairy farmers to transition in California for the Miyoko’s pilot case

o   Create adaptable financial models and business/project plans for transitioning agricultural production systems

o   Develop and analyze small-scale feasibility studies for differing agricultural production systems and transitions (dairy, crops, holistic livestock management, etc.)

o   Research and evaluate funding/investment options for farm transitions; select and execute a financing model; manage and oversee the functioning of that model

o   Contribute to research, design, organization, and implementation of the logistical blueprint for the test case (e.g. supply chain planning)

  • Collaboratively execute full-scale implementation of Miyoko’s test case and ensure adaptability of the model for other transition projects

o   Analyze (and assist in auditing) production system financials including income statements, cash flow statements, balance sheets, and more

o   Collect thorough data throughout the transition process on financial development and implications on the farm-level

o   Develop metrics for success and utilize measurements to gauge tangible progress (GHG emissions, financial profitability, food security, etc.)

  • Leverage the test case research and experience to inform the broader context of farm transformations for the development of AO’s Farm Transformation Program

o   Provide strategic and tactical leadership

o   Maintain, build, and oversee relationships with coalition partners, volunteers, consultants, pro bono professionals, and academics

o   Serve as AO’s liaison to new and existing coalitions and partnerships focused on transitioning animal agriculture to plant agriculture

o   Organize and manage volunteer and staff resources as needed in support of AO’s Farm Transformation Program goals

o   Work in tandem with Miyoko’s Farm Transition Program Manager

o   Routinely collaborate with Executive Director to review and refine strategy

 About Miyoko’s Creamery

Miyoko’s is a compassion-centric company redefining dairy products by making premium cheese and butter from plants rather than cows. Miyoko’s is spearheading an unparalleled farm transformation pilot test case with a farmer through their Dairy Farm Transition Program. The mission of the program is to support and facilitate a dairy farmer’s transition to growing specialty crops and small grains that contribute to Miyoko’s supply chain and research and development efforts. 

Qualifications/Who We’re Looking for

  • Strong commitment to the missions of AO and Miyoko’s
  • Strong background in agriculture, finance, program/project management, and/or agricultural consulting
  • Minimum bachelor’s degree with MBA strongly preferred with a focus on finance and/or agriculture
  • Familiarity with private investment funds, agricultural finance, loans, and lending agreements
  • Experience with research and evaluating financial conditions of agricultural production businesses
  • Project management and process design and experience preferred
  • Business development and entrepreneurial background
  • Experience working with coalitions and partnerships
  • Self-driven with a capacity to work both independently and as part of a team, to meet deadlines and goals
  • Strong relationship building skills, including for soliciting investors and coalition partners
  • Excellent communicator – speaks and writes clearly and to the point
  • Willingness to travel as needed
  • Remote work experience preferred

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Equal Opportunity Employment

Animal Outlook is an equal opportunity employer committed to promoting a work environment free of discrimination and retaliation. Animal Outlook does not discriminate against employees or applicants for employment on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, creed, age, disability, marital status, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, personal appearance, pregnancy, parental status, family responsibilities or any other bases protected by federal, state, or local laws and regulations.