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Coalition Urges NC Governor to Veto Dangerous Big Ag Protection Bill

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Compassion Over Killing has joined a coalition of animal protection organizations in sending a letter to North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper, urging him to veto a dangerous bill on his desk. Titled “Farm Act of 2018,” Senate bill 711 effectively strips North Carolinians of the right to file nuisance lawsuits against neighboring pig factory farms. The Coalition, including Farm Sanctuary, …

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Dairy Is Scary–Ditch Cruelty in June

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Dairy: It’s not natural for humans to drink cow’s milk This June you’ll be more likely to find us celebrating Pride month than Dairy Month. The Dairy Alliance spends this month (and others) marketing milk to families as the beverage of choice. The industry encourages consumers to buy milk, citing health benefits despite the large amount of studies to the …

VIDEO: Moms Ask for a BOCA Brand Kind to All Mothers

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Just ahead of Mother’s Day, moms are speaking out in a video call to action, asking Kraft Heinz to choose kindness for all mothers by dropping cruelly produced cow’s milk from its BOCA brand. While BOCA has become a meatless household name, dairy is still used in the majority of its product line, despite the cycle of cruelty endured by …


Meat & Dairy Industries Can’t Squash Plant-Based Competition

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In desperate attempts to squash massively popular plant-based products, from vegan burgers to almond milk, the meat & dairy industries are claiming consumers are “confused” by food labels. Turning to the Food & Drug Administration to stop the use of words like “meat,” “milk,” and “cheese” on vegan foods, not only are these industries trying to stifle their more compassionate …

Moo-ve Over Dairy: Vegan Ice Cream Craze Continues!

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As non-dairy milks fill store shelves and consumer carts, dairy free ice cream is following close by and more popular than ever. The vegan ice cream craze seems to be multiplying as there are more and more incredibly tasty vegan varieties available nationwide.  Some may ask, ‘Why vegan ice cream?’ to which many major vegan ice cream producers like Ben …

Market Research: Dairy ‘Battling’ Vegan Milks for Consumers, Retail Space

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Dairy-free is more popular than ever, from milk, to cheese, to ice cream! It’s no wonder when you consider the amazing variety of delicious vegan options available nationwide, and the growing consumer awareness of the cruelty behind every carton of milk. In fact, as consumers ditch dairy, the industry is left crying over spilled milk — literally dumping millions of …

VIDEO: The Moo-ving Story of Daisy the Rescued Dairy Cow

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Meet Daisy the rescued cow in Compassion Over Killing’s inspiring new video! Daisy lives happily at Pasado’s Safe Haven. This playful and affectionate cow loves to spend time with her friends and enjoy bananas. Watch her run through the grass at her sanctuary home. But life wasn’t always happy: Daisy once lived on an “educational” farm, where children learned to …

World Milk Day: Celebrate Dairy-Free!

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World Milk Day: Celebrate Cows & Choose Dairy-Free Today is World Milk Day, and if you’re vegan or simply prefer to leave dairy off your dish and out of your coffee cup, don’t worry: There are plenty of plant-based picks for you! From almond, to soy, to coconut milk and more, dairy-free is in demand. In fact, consumers are increasingly …

NPR: Cow’s Milk Consumer Appeal Has ‘Curdled’

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Dairy milk’s reputation is going sour. Compassion Over Killing’s latest investigation exposes egregious cruelty to gentle mother cows at Mason Dixon Farms, a supplier to dairy giants Land O’Lakes and Dairy Farmers of America. Plus, as consumers grow increasingly leery of cow’s milk as a “healthy” product, they’re ditching the dairy and turning to plant-based milks made from almond, soy, …