Meat & Dairy Industries Can’t Squash Plant-Based Competition

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In desperate attempts to squash massively popular plant-based products, from vegan burgers to almond milk, the meat & dairy industries are claiming consumers are “confused” by food labels.

Turning to the Food & Drug Administration to stop the use of words like “meat,” “milk,” and “cheese” on vegan foods, not only are these industries trying to stifle their more compassionate competitors but they’re also insulting the intelligence of the millions of consumers who know they want to pack their plates with plant-based foods.

In a hard-hitting opinion piece in the Chicago Tribune, Steve Chapman puts it this way:

“What the beef and dairy producers want is for the government to protect them from competition.

People buy almond milk not because they think it contains cow’s milk but because they know it doesn’t. They order veggie burgers in the happy knowledge that no hooved beast was harmed to make them.”

Pointing to the beef industry’s failing fight against food’s clearly plant-based future, Chapman writes, “The [U.S. Cattlemen’s Association] can try to block this unwanted development. But they might as well try to milk a steer.”

For years, the dairy industry too has been crying over spilled milk (literally, dumping millions of gallons of milk unwanted by consumers), asking the FDA to step in…as each generation drinks less dairy milk than the one before it.

Desperate Dairy even killed 500,000 young cows to illegally inflate milk prices, and claiming “misleading and illegal” food labeling, flexed its lobbying muscles to lead to the introduction of the “Dairy Pride Act.

Compassion Over Killing has a simple solution to Big Dairy’s concern over “consumer confusion.” If the industry’s truly has “pride” in its own product, why not label it “cow’s milk?”

That way, there’s no question as to what’s inside the carton: milk produced by cows, for cows!

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