VIDEO: The Moo-ving Story of Daisy the Rescued Dairy Cow

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Meet Daisy the rescued cow in Compassion Over Killing’s inspiring new video!

Daisy lives happily at Pasado’s Safe Haven. This playful and affectionate cow loves to spend time with her friends and enjoy bananas. Watch her run through the grass at her sanctuary home.

But life wasn’t always happy: Daisy once lived on an “educational” farm, where children learned to milk cows. Like many dairy cows, Daisy developed mastitis — painful inflammation of the udders — each time she produced milk.

“Daisy doesn’t like to be alone. She’s definitely a people cow, and a cow’s cow… She doesn’t realize how big she is. She’s very aware of how beautiful she is,” says Stephanie Perciful, Sanctuary Director at Pasado’s Safe Haven, in our new video.

Because Daisy couldn’t easily produce milk, she was going to be sent to slaughter. Thankfully, someone had grown to love sweet Daisy and asked Pasado’s Safe Haven to take her in.  

But millions of other dairy cows are not so lucky. When their exhausted bodies can no longer produce milk, making them unprofitable for the dairy industry, they are slaughtered.

As COK’s investigations have exposed time and again, dairy cows endure a continuous cycle of cruelty. They’re genetically manipulated (or given hormones) to boost milk production to unnatural levels — at Mason Dixon Dairy, where a COK investigator worked undercover, a cow produces up to 25 gallons of milk a day (that’s twice the amount on other dairy factory farms).

Each year, to keep producing milk, dairy cows are impregnated by artificial insemination, only to have their newborn calves taken away each time so their milk can be sold to humans.

Daisy with former COK investigator, Scott David

You can take action for cows like Daisy today! Here are ways you can help right now:

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