Meat & Dairy Industries Can’t Squash Plant-Based Competition

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In desperate attempts to squash massively popular plant-based products, from vegan burgers to almond milk, the meat & dairy industries are claiming consumers are “confused” by food labels. Turning to the Food & Drug Administration to stop the use of words like “meat,” “milk,” and “cheese” on vegan foods, not only are these industries trying to stifle their more compassionate …

Bills’ Buried Provisions Favor Big Ag Over Environment

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It’s been all-over the news: President Obama has officially signed the final government spending bill, averting yet another a near-complete government shutdown. Dubbed “cromnibus” it’s a continuous financial resolution that includes all kinds of random “kitchen sink” line items, and it reached an outrageous $1.1 trillion by the time Obama signed it last week. What’s not so much in the news are some of …