Moo-ve Over Dairy: Vegan Ice Cream Craze Continues!

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As non-dairy milks fill store shelves and consumer carts, dairy free ice cream is following close by and more popular than ever. The vegan ice cream craze seems to be multiplying as there are more and more incredibly tasty vegan varieties available nationwide.  Some may ask, ‘Why vegan ice cream?’ to which many major vegan ice cream producers like Ben & Jerry’s and Haagen Dazs have responded, ‘Why not?’  

Vegans and pre-vegans alike are choosing soy- or coconut-based frozen treats — in fact dairy-free is boosting melting ice cream sales and Associated Press recently wrote that creamy and flavorful dairy-free ice cream is now “not just for vegans“.

One of the most highly publicized vegan ice cream brands is hidden in plain sight. Ben and Jerry’s carries a line of almond-milk-based products that rival the creaminess of their originals. Another rock star of vegan desserts is Coconut Bliss, which carries a huge variety of flavors (and are certified organic and non-GMO to boot). Brands like NadaMoo!, Van Leeuwen, and even Trader Joe’s have equally delicious vegan ice creams.

A recent New York Times article stated that vegan ice cream is in a golden age, and that “as the demand for nondairy explodes, so does the number of products on the market.

As the range of non-dairy milks increase, we can expect the vegan ice cream market to keep expanding, too. We are keeping our eyes open for the latest and greatest! And you can hop on the bandwagon with the millions of consumers shopping the amazing variety of currently available frozen treats already available.

Be kind to cows like Daisy (watch her inspiring story below): Choose dairy-free! Visit for recipes and more.

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