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Compassion Society Empowers The Next Generation of Animal Activists

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Compassion Society is a network of vegan college students working to make their campuses more compassionate. During the spring semester, Compassion Over Killing helped empower 4 groups of students to host 8 events ranging from pay-per-view (PPV) video outreach to sampling vegan food!

  • Former COK Intern Erika Wilkinson held multiple PPV events at George Mason University.
  • Former Beyond The Lies Crew Member Emily Sarasa held multiple PPV events with her club, Knights for Animal Rights, at the University of Central Florida.
  • Former COK Interns Sajani Fernando and Radhika Gupta held a PPV event with their club, Students for Ethical Treatment of Animals, at the University of Maryland.
  • And former COK Intern Abigail Treacy held a vegan food sampling event at Catholic University of America and worked with her school’s Dining Services to create more vegan options!

We help students create change at their schools by providing valuable resources such as support for creating student clubs, tabling materials, videos, outreach training resources, and by giving access to a network of others doing the same work.

There are a variety of events we provide remote support for such as pay-per-view video outreach, film screenings, leafeting, petition gathering, vegan food sampling, and more! If you’re interested in being part of Compassion Society, just fill out the form on our website!

To help us expand our student network in the fall semester, please consider donating!

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