Honor All Moms This Mother’s Day: Choose Dairy-Free!

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Just days before Mother’s Day, Compassion Over Killing’s heartbreaking new undercover video is exposing cruelty to gentle mother cows at Mason Dixon Farms, a supplier to some of the largest names in dairy, including Land O’Lakes and Dairy Farmers of America (DFA). The footage reveals the devastating reality behind Big Dairy. COK’s investigator documented egregious cruelty, including cows being kicked, punched, and …

Mintel: Dairy Milk Sales Are Dropping and Will Keep Dropping

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Dairy milk is on the decline. So much so that the dairy industry has dumped millions of gallons of overproduced, unwanted milk. And a recent report from Mintel, a market research firm, says that “sales of dairy milk decreased 7% in 2015 and are projected to drop another 11% through 2020.” This marketplace shift is largely attributed to consumers scooping up non-dairy …

Dairy Lobby Group Dumps Support for Dairy PRIDE Act

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At a House Agriculture Committee hearing yesterday in the nation’s capital, Michael Dykes, the CEO of the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) weighed in on the Dairy Pride Act, legislation that would prohibit the use of words like “milk” or “cheese” on dairy-free products. IDFA represents 85% of the US dairy industry and threw its support behind this bill when it was introduced …

“Proud” of Your Product, Big Dairy? Call it “Cow Milk!”

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With each generation drinking less milk than the previous one and investigations repeatedly exposing cruelty to cows, Big Dairy has been looking pretty desperate.  The industry’s crying over spilled milk (literally dumping millions of overproduced gallons), attempting to squash soaring almond milk sales, and even killing cows to illegally inflate milk prices. And, amidst this dairy decline, the industry has been trying to churn the FDA into a frenzy …

Big Dairy Says Dairy-Free “Milk” Is Confusing. Our Solution: Label “Cow Milk.”

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Jan. 2017 update: Sign and share our petition: Tell Big Dairy to label its products “cow milk.” Dairy-free, plant-based milks are flying off the shelves as more and more Americans choose vegan alternatives free of cholesterol and cruelty. It seems a growing number of consumers have stopped believing the lies about dairy being good for our bodies, and studies continue …

Dairy Sales Drop So Industry Dumps 43M Gallons of Milk

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Dairy demand is dropping – and fast. Milk consumption keeps declining with each generation as more and more consumers move on to plant-based milks of the future, which are free of cholesterol and cruelty. So what’s next for this troubled industry? Well, it’s already begging for government bailouts, desperately attempting to squash almond milk sales, and it even got involved in a deadly …

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Class Action Settlement: U.S. Dairy Industry to Pay $52 Million in Price-Fixing Conspiracy

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Dairy Industry Pays $52M in Price-Fixing Conspiracy Settlement As Animal Outlook has exposed time and again, the dairy industry consistently shows utter disregard for animal welfare — from taking newborn calves away from their mothers to shipping “spent” cows off to slaughter. That’s hardly where the unethical behavior ends. According to a class action lawsuit filed in 2011, the industry’s …


Dairy Industry Tries to Squash the Rise of Almond Milk

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Dairy industry in downward spiral While milk consumption declines with each generation — it’s down 37 percent since the 1970s and keeps dropping — demand for plant-based milks is on the rise.  In fact, the market for dairy-free foods is projected to reach $20 billion by 2020. This growing demand isn’t going unnoticed by the industry.  On a positive note, industry …


Dairy-Free: Dairy Reporter Names Vegan Cheese Top New Product

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Dairy-free is winning as demand for dairy drops. In fact, the plant-based dairy alternatives market is expected to reach $20 billion by 2020. And the dairy industry is taking note. In fact, industry news site The Dairy Reporter just released a “what’s new in the dairy aisle” list — and guess what was featured in the top spot? Dairy-free cheese slices …