Tell FDA Not to Help Big Dairy Squash Plant-Based Competition

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As the dairy industry flexes its lobbying muscle to urge the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to restrict plant-based companies from labeling their products “milk,” “cheese,” and “yogurt,” it seems the federal agency is bowing to industry pressure. The FDA is currently seeking public comments on this issue. Today, National Milk Day, speak out to urge the FDA not to …

COK Asks Federal Agencies: Don’t ‘Kill’ Slaughter-Free Meat

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Compassion Over Killing has joined the Animal Legal Defense Fund, along with other animal protection organizations, in submitting comments to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) regarding the regulation of slaughter-free meat. And this isn’t the first time COK has addressed “clean meat”: COK Executive Director Erica Meier spoke publicly before the agencies …


Meat & Dairy Industries Can’t Squash Plant-Based Competition

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In desperate attempts to squash massively popular plant-based products, from vegan burgers to almond milk, the meat & dairy industries are claiming consumers are “confused” by food labels. Turning to the Food & Drug Administration to stop the use of words like “meat,” “milk,” and “cheese” on vegan foods, not only are these industries trying to stifle their more compassionate …

Just Mayo Can Still Be Called Mayo, FDA Rules

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Just Mayo is still mayo, says FDA According to a new ruling by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Just Mayo, which is made without eggs, can still be called mayo.  And while this may not have been a debate in most consumers’ minds, the egg industry has tried to thwart the success of this popular plant-based product that has …


Big Ag’s Addiction to Antibiotics Could Kill 10 Million People Each Year by 2050

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The discovery of penicillin in the 1920’s was a medical breakthrough. Who of us hasn’t relied on antibiotics to cure an infection at some point in our lives? Yet, today in the US, 80% of antibiotics aren’t used to treat people – they’re fed to factory-farmed animals. Why? For decades, Big Ag has been pumping these drugs into animals as …