Rob Zombie to USDA: Stop the High-Speed Horror!

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With Halloween lurking just around the corner, horror icon Rob Zombie (musician and director of House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects) is taking the USDA to task for the real-life dangers posed to millions of animals, workers, and consumers by the agency’s reckless high-speed slaughter program.

The USDA has begun granting waivers allowing poultry plants to run kill lines at the dangerously high speed of 175 birds every minute. Already, at current speeds–more than two birds killed each second–suffering is rampant. A 2015 Compassion Over Killing (COK) investigation of a Mountaire slaughterhouse revealed live birds slammed into shackles and some even tossed into piles with the dead as workers rushed to keep up with the fast pace.

And COK’s investigation of a Hormel-supplying slaughterhouse running under the agency’s high-speed pig slaughter pilot program–which USDA is now trying to expand nationwide–exposed pigs being beaten, dragged, and improperly stunned–possibly entering the scalding tank alive.

So this Halloween, Rob Zombie is joining the more than a quarter million of you in telling the USDA that slaughterhouses are already frightening enough. Says Zombie in his new COK ad: “Let’s keep the screams on-stage and on-screen. USDA: End the high-speed horrors!”

Hammering his message home are targeted cell phone ads encircling USDA headquarters in Washington, DC, featuring Zombie and directing thousands to our quarter-million-strong petition.

TODAY: Speak up for pigs, chickens, workers, and consumers by tweeting your opposition to the USDA’s disastrous high-speed slaughter plans! Use our sample below — or just click here!

SAMPLE TWEET: Keep the horrors in the movies this #Halloween, @USDA. I’m joining @tryveg and @RobZombie in urging you to put an end to terrifying high-speed slaughter! #HighSpeedHorro

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