Market Research: Dairy ‘Battling’ Vegan Milks for Consumers, Retail Space

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Dairy-free is more popular than ever, from milk, to cheese, to ice cream! It’s no wonder when you consider the amazing variety of delicious vegan options available nationwide, and the growing consumer awareness of the cruelty behind every carton of milk.

In fact, as consumers ditch dairy, the industry is left crying over spilled milk — literally dumping millions of gallons of milk down the drain and dropping milk suppliers.

And Big Dairy may soon be feeling even more desperate. Market research shows that dairy is getting some serious competition from popular non-dairy products that are getting ever-more prominent spots in stores.

In a new white paper, research firm Packaged Fact says, “This is a battle for shelf space and consumer dollars.”

“The new generation of refrigerated plants milks—with almond milk and novel blends leading the dairy-free charge—represent far more dangerous competition to dairy milk than the soy milks of yore, safely tucked away in the center store, in perfunctory flavors…”

With vegan eating soaring in the US, and dairy farms left with a surplus of unwanted cow’s milk (like one farm now producing 2 million fewer gallons due to decreased demand), Big Dairy will probably have to keep “battling” for consumers.

So, moo-ve over, dairy milk. Millions of shoppers are choosing dairy-free options that are kinder to cows, their health, and the planet!


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