Leilani Münter’s Vegan Strong Car Bringing TryVeg to Daytona

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Leilani Münter’s Vegan Strong car races the world-famous Daytona International Speedway tomorrow, and Compassion Over Killing (COK) is excited to join A Well-Fed World as a sponsor helping to “fuel” Leilani’s race and the compassionate message she’s bringing to the track. Leilani is a professional race car driver and environmental activist who drives a 100% solar-powered Tesla. Sports Illustrated has named her one of the top ten female race car …

8 Colorful Instagram Accounts That’ll Inspire You to Eat the Rainbow

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Fact: food tastes way better when it’s rainbow-hued. Honestly, why eat lifeless-looking animal products when you can eat gorgeous, multi-colored fruits and veggies? You can color your plate with red, green, yellow, orange, purple, blue…! With that in mind, here are eight super-colorful Instagram accounts that’ll inspire you to eat the rainbow. Stay tuned for stuff that’s almost too pretty …

Earth Day

For Earth Day, Here’s How to Save the Planet

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With Earth Day approaching, now’s the time to stop and think about how best to protect our only home — and all of us who live here. If there’s one thing science has proven in recent years, it’s that animal agriculture is a plague on the planet. From the documentary Cowspiracy to a recent study by Oxford University, research has revealed …

Four Ways to Celebrate Food Day

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Want to help change the world in a day? That’s what the annual Food Day celebration aims to do. Hosted each year on October 24, Food Day  is a global awareness campaign created by the Center for Science in Public Interest (CSPI) that offers a platform to take action on food-related issues.  Who’s invited? Everyone and anyone who eats — and that means YOU! So now …

The Walking Dead Go Veg

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It may seem counter-intuitive for zombies to choose a meat-free diet – after all, their survival is rooted in the consumption of brain and guts, right?  Well, turns out that while zombies may still eat flesh, the actors who play zombies on TV are going in a different direction with their real life diets. According to media reports, the cast …


New Study Reveals Fish Can Multitask. Yes, Multitask.

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Fish are incredible animals. Sure, they may look and act differently than our cats and dogs at home, but new research continues to reveal that they are complex, intelligent animals. We’ve already confirmed that these sea creatures are fully capable of feeling pain. And we know they use tools. But who would have guessed these animals can multitask, too? According …