Introducing the New and Improved!

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Our popular and informative web guide to vegetarian and vegan eating — — just got a makeover!

We’re excited to share the new site with you — and with pre-vegans everywhere who are in search of info on the hows and whys of choosing healthier and more humane plant-based foods.

Condensed down and easy to navigate, the new website features useful content including:

  • A look at the unique, fun, and intelligent personalities of farmed animals as well as their cruel lives on factory farms.
  • Health info and nutrition guidance useful for making the transition to veg eating.
  • Details on the impact eating meat has on our planet, and how choosing vegetarian foods can help curb global warming.
  • A feature all about baking without eggs.
  • Tips for vegan eating on a budget.
  • Quick and easy meal and snack ideas — and how to replace your current favorite foods with their cruelty-free versions.
  • Lots and lots of vegan quick and easy recipes, including an entire section dedicated to recipes in Spanish.

Take a look at our new site — and be sure to share it with others!


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