COK Campaign Victories: Dunkin’ & Starbucks Keep Expanding Vegan Menus!

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Thanks to campaigns led by Compassion Over Killing (COK) and requests from compassionate consumers, in 2014 Dunkin’ Donuts, the world’s largest coffee and baked goods chain, added almond milk to about 75% of its locations — and Starbucks, one of the first national coffee chains to offer soy milk, has told COK that it’s exploring vegan food options.

Now cows and consumers join us in celebrating new COK victories: Both of these top coffee chains are expanding their dairy-free milk offerings!

  • By the end of this month, Dunkin’ Donuts will feature almond milk at ALL locations in the US, a clear sign that this dairy-free option is selling like hotcakes! 
  • Starbucks, too, is responding to non-dairy demand. Last year, the coffee chain added coconut milk to its menu and the popular option has now quickly been followed by almond milk! Business Insider reports that the addition of almond milk has been one of the most common customer requests at Starbucks.

In fact, Fortune called Starbucks’ decision to introduce almond milk “an investment in the future,” adding that about 49% of Americans choose non-dairy options while dairy milk’s sales continue to plummet with an expected decrease by 11% by 2020. By that same year, the dairy-free products market is expected to soar to $20 billion.

Almond milk has become so popular that the dairy industry is trying to squash its sales with a desperate ad campaign. But the biggest coffee chains clearly know that almond and other dairy-free is in!

Even Peet’s Coffee & Tea joined the fun by recently adding a house-made vegan coconut whipped cream, telling VegNews “it’s been a big hit so far, very popular.”

Like your coffee cruelty-free AND your crullers compassionate? Take these next two steps NOW:

  1. Ask Dunkin’ to take the next step and offer vegan donut options!
  2. Sign and share our petition with Jane Velez-Mitchell, asking Starbucks to add vegan food options to its menu.