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Aquaculture: The Painful Truth Beneath the Surface 

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When you think of the animal agriculture industry, what comes to mind? Cows, pigs and chickens? Many people aren’t aware of the cruel world of fish factory farming, or aquaculture.  Aquaculture presents serious environmental and other risks, yet it largely flies under the radar, although it’s coming under increasing scrutiny. I wasn’t truly aware of the dangers and horrors of …

Innovative New Vegan Raw Tuna Surfaces at Whole Foods

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A new raw vegan tuna has surfaced at Whole Foods, soon available for fish-free sushi rolls at locations in New York and Los Angeles! Ocean Hugger Foods calls this fish-friendly dish, made from tomatoes, Ahimi, and tells Epicurious that it also has plans in the works for fishless salmon (made from carrots) and eel (made from eggplant). After all, there …

Tyson to Pay $2M for Pollution That Killed 100,000 Fish

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Compassion Over Killing’s groundbreaking investigation of Tyson Foods broiler breeder factories revealed egregious animal abuse, and drove unprecedented charges and convictions for cruelty to chickens. And Tyson, the nation’s largest chicken producer, is also taking a devastating toll on the planet. A recent report named the company the leading polluter of the Gulf of Mexico. When Tyson planned to construct a …

Help Our Finned Friends on World Oceans Day

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For some here on land, it can be easy to feel disconnected from the species living beneath the waves of the world’s oceans. But if you dive just a little bit deeper into the world of fish, you may be surprised to learn how smart these remarkable animals are! DYK that fish have good memories? Or that they can use tools, or …

Diving Into “What a Fish Knows” with Jonathan Balcombe

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You could say Jonathan Balcombe wrote the book on what a fish knows. The author, scientist, and renowned speaker has expended considerable energy exploring the depths of how these underwater animals think, feel and function. Despite popular misconception, fish are not unfeeling beings driven solely by instinct; in fact, humans have a lot more in common with our finned friends than you might …

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Tyson Foods Facing Criminal Investigation for Polluting Water and Killing Fish

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In addition to being exposed in undercover videos for shocking animal abuse, Tyson Foods has also been in the news for food safety issues, meat recalls, and worker safety issues that have resulted in federal fines. Now, this multinational corporation – which is the second largest meat producer in the world – is the focus of a criminal investigation by the Environmental …


New Study Reveals Fish Can Multitask. Yes, Multitask.

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Fish are incredible animals. Sure, they may look and act differently than our cats and dogs at home, but new research continues to reveal that they are complex, intelligent animals. We’ve already confirmed that these sea creatures are fully capable of feeling pain. And we know they use tools. But who would have guessed these animals can multitask, too? According …

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Animal Intelligence: Fish Use Tools, Cows Have Best Friends

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cows_0-300x183.jpgTurn on your TV or read the news and you might occasionally see a light-hearted story about the lives of animals. Remember “the Animal Odd Couple”from 2009 in which an elephant and a dog became best friends? Or what about the story of the Echo Park, CA resident who befriended a goose? Stories like these warm our hearts and often encourage us to think a bit differently about the animals in our lives and even about the wildlife we admire from afar.