How Avatar Shows a World Without Animal-Ag Driven Deforestation

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It’s been more than a decade since we last got a cinematic look at the lush, vibrant planet of Pandora. On that planet live the Na’vi, 10-foot-tall blue, humanoid creatures with weird appendages hidden in their hair that can connect to other living things, like plugging a USB into them. This process, called tsaheylu, lets the Na’vi ride on animals …

Momentum is Building For The Push to End Factory Farming

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As if the suffering of animals isn’t enough to sway Americans towards eating a plant-based diet, there are many other reasons why shifting to veganism is urgent. Since the start of COVID-19, there has been an increased focus on why factory farming should end.  As vegans, the ethical reasoning for not eating animal products is abundantly clear— to prevent the …

Five Health Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

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Whether vegan for the animals, the environment, or your health, reducing meat and dairy consumption has a myriad of health benefits. Studies show that a plant-based diet can be the healthiest approach to eating, with wide-ranging effects that extend to almost every aspect of our health. Here’s five ways plant-based eating positively impacts our bodies: #1 Reduced risk of cancer …

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5 Vegan Books That Make The Perfect Gift 

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From cookbooks and nutritional guides to educational pieces and children’s books, there’s no shortage of vegan books to choose from. Here are five of our favorites that would make great gifts this holiday season:   Own Your Health: How to Live Long and Avoid Chronic Illness by Glen Merzer Perfect for those who want to live healthier lives, this book is …

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Land O’Fakes: How The False Narrative Of The Happy Farm Hides The Truth About Animal Agriculture’s Impact On The Planet

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Picture a farm as it might be portrayed in a children’s story or a television commercial. A red barn. Perhaps a rolling hill with a lone oak tree at the crest. Cows, pigs  and chickens dot the landscape, each one idly enjoying the sunshine and green grass. The subtext of these images is clear: This is a peaceful, happy place. …

Beyond Meat Launches Vegan Chicken Tenders 

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Big news: Beyond Meat has unveiled its newest product, vegan chicken tenders. Largely known for its Beyond Burger, the company has also branched out to create meat-free alternatives including meatballs and sausages. Beyond Meat’s number-one competitor, Impossible Foods, has matched Beyond’s efforts with its line of beef products. However, Beyond is creating serious differentiation as they venture into the world …

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John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” Blasts Factory Farms, Slaughterhouses

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The last two episodes of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver” showed in chilling and vivid detail how abuses in animal agribusiness cause animal suffering and environmental devastation as well as human illness, injury, and death.

Healthy Vegan Swaps for Veganuary

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It’s the start of the new year and Veganuary is in full swing! It’s no surprise that a growing number of people are looking for simple ways to add plant-based ingredients into their meals: adopting a plant-rich vegan lifestyle is one of the best ways we can protect our health, the planet, and animals. I was recently invited into WJLA’s …