Four Ways to Celebrate Food Day

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Want to help change the world in a day? That’s what the annual Food Day celebration aims to do. Hosted each year on October 24Food Day  is a global awareness campaign created by the Center for Science in Public Interest (CSPI) that offers a platform to take action on food-related issues.  Who’s invited? Everyone and anyone who eats — and that means YOU!

So now you might wondering how to get involved. That’s why we’ve come up with this quick action list that’s so easy and fun, you’ll want to celebrate food day every day!

Four Fun Ways to Celebrate Food Day

  1. Feast. That’s right – will offer you answers to all the why’s and how’s of vegetarian and vegan eating. Become aware of what (or whom!) you are eating, and how your dollars spent are voting, all while enjoying delectable, cruelty-free feasts.
  2. Feed-in. Now that you have tasted just how good compassion really tastes, share it! Organize a feed-in to share vegan foods with new people, and help spread the love.  It can be as simple a making some muffins or cookies to share with your co-workers or in your classroom.
  3. Fab gear. Help end factory farming by sporting the newest fab COK gear, found here. Feel free to order huge quantities of educational literature for you and your friends to dispense here, too.
  4. Fund it. Get ready to make your dollars work in your honor (and in honor of animals everywhere)! After donating, watch for your copy of Compassionate Action, where we highlight COK’s compassionate progress throughout the year – progress you made possible.

Food Day gives us an opportunity to try a new way to make a difference every day – by choosing compassionate plates at breakfast, lunch, and dinner! And Saturday happens to be Make a Difference Day – so why not try it twice?

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