8 Colorful Instagram Accounts That’ll Inspire You to Eat the Rainbow

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Fact: food tastes way better when it’s rainbow-hued. Honestly, why eat lifeless-looking animal products when you can eat gorgeous, multi-colored fruits and veggies? You can color your plate with red, green, yellow, orange, purple, blue…!

With that in mind, here are eight super-colorful Instagram accounts that’ll inspire you to eat the rainbow. Stay tuned for stuff that’s almost too pretty to eat. ALMOST.

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24-year-old Francesca is a master of IG art. Her bountiful, vibrant meals range from massive hummus platters, to galaxy toast, to potato salads with cukes cut to look like stars. Her culinary creativity will make your mouth water.


Crossfit and travel-loving Ami is all about the bowls — and her creations are so stunning it’s almost hard to imagine eating them. Think pink, violet, and vermillion-colored smoothie bowls and verdant salads.


With nearly a million IG followers, Kristina is a social media superstar. And her account is full of photos of fresh, crisp salads; super-bright bowls of fruit; and spectacular smoothies. No doubt she’ll inspire you to love a more colorful life — in every aspect!


Taline’s IG adventures are known as Hippie Lane — and she has a new cookbook out detailing her recipes. Her feed is full of incredible concoctions like fresh rice paper rolls; loaded nourish bowls; and fruit salads that look like artwork. Plus, her super-cute kids!


New Zealand-based Annie Tarasova isn’t just about the food — she’s also into gorgeous landscapes and lots of travel. Her nature shots will blow your mind, as will her pancakes, papayas, and purple-hued ice cream bites.


Need some daily kitchen inspo? This account shares photos of impossibly delicious-looking goodies like vanilla maple nice cream, curry cauliflower pizza, and quinoa beet burgers. These are healthy, hearty, picture-perfect eats.


As a super famous food entrepreneur, Ella delights followers with photos of strawberry jam sponge cakes, veggie-topped pizza pies, and everyone’s favorite: avocado toast. In her words, she’s working to make vegetables cool.” Clearly they’re the coolest.


Angela Liddon is all about that inner glow. And her gorgeous foodstuffs — from chili cheese nachos to broc and cheese soup to baby spinach bowls — are designed to help you cultivate yours. Peruse her pretty pictures and you’ll be inspired to raid the produce aisle.

Featured photo: The Sunkissed Kitchen

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