St. Patrick’s Day: Go Green For Animals And The Planet

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While you may not be able to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year by dressing in green and visiting your local Irish bar for a pint of green beer, you can still celebrate by going green for animals and for the environment by leaving animals off your plate. Skip the traditional Irish dishes that rely heavily on factory farming and …


Celebrate Compassion: Easy Vegan Thanksgiving Feast

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This Thanksgiving, let’s give turkeys something to be thankful for – compassionate cooking. Sadly, around 45 million turkeys are slaughtered each year for Thanksgiving alone. During this time of gratitude, we can all help these smart and social birds by leaving them off our holiday tables. Thankfully, there are so many delicious plant-based options available for your compassionate celebration. Here are …

Six Vegan Instagram Accounts That’ll Have You Eating Plant-Based for Life

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Searching for a new source of inspiration for your plant-based kitchen? Look no further! These vegan gurus are actively contributing to the vegan community via instagram, and their recipes are just as delicious as they are colorful.   Nina Gabriela (@naturally_nina_) is most popular for her “nourish bowls” which usually contain beans, grains, nuts and veggies to satisfy every plant-based …

Your Grilling Guide to a Meat-Free Memorial Day

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Memorial Day weekend is almost here, and this holiday brings the start of summer — and cookout season! If you’re wondering what meatless dish to cook up for your guests or what to bring to a friend’s backyard bash, we have your guide packed with mouthwatering vegan options that will keep all eaters alike coming back to the grill for seconds. Veggie Burgers: Meatless burgers …

What’s Better Than Vegan Mac n’ Cheese?

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That’s easy: the only thing better than vegan mac n’ cheese is vegan mac n’ cheese x 2! And we’ve made it even easier to dish out the deliciousness with this fun recipe video featuring Follow Your Heart vegan cheese: These two quick and simple recipes are aahhhh-mazing, but don’t take our word for it… you can try them yourself. Check …

It’s Easy to Veganize Super Bowl Sunday!

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Whether you’re cheering for the Atlanta Falcons or the New England Patriots this weekend, we know for many of us Super Bowl Sunday is really all about the food. Did you know it’s the second-biggest eating day of the year? And just like on Thanksgiving, there are tons of delicious vegan options that will score a touchdown with all your hungry party guests. The …

New Vegan Cookbook Recreates All the Egg Dishes You Love

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As consumers are increasingly aware, the “incredible edible egg” isn’t so incredible after all. Factory farms are known for their horrific cruelty to chickens, and 95% of egg-laying hens spend their lives in cages so small they can’t even spread their wings. Not only is the painful reality for chickens raised for eggs and meat on factory farms, exposed time and again by …


Give These Turkey-Free Thanksgiving Foods A Try

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This Thanksgiving, let’s give turkeys something to be thankful for – compassionate cooking. During this time of gratitude, we can show appreciation for these smart, social and curious birds by leaving them OFF our holiday tables. While some turkeys (like Tallulah, pictured below at Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary) are lucky to live out their lives in safety at animal sanctuaries across …

Tricks AND Treats for a Vegan Halloween

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Halloween, which really is just another word for CANDY, is creeping up on us!  The costume, the decorations, the face paint – are all just prep for the goodies. Whether you’re four or 40, Halloween is the one day a year you get a free pass to unwrap your way into a full-blown SUGAR RUSH. Will you wait in your …