The Walking Dead Go Veg

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It may seem counter-intuitive for zombies to choose a meat-free diet – after all, their survival is rooted in the consumption of brain and guts, right?  Well, turns out that while zombies may still eat flesh, the actors who play zombies on TV are going in a different direction with their real life diets.

According to media reports, the cast of the hugely successful and award-winning TV show The Walking Dead is so grossed out by the show’s realistic special effects, most of the food – about 80% of it — being served to the hundreds of cast and crew is now vegetarian.

“After watching Walkers [zombies] realistically look as though they are consuming bloody human flesh or seeing heads and other body parts sliced off, no one was touching the red meat or even chicken,” one source said. “Who could possibly sit down to liver and onions or a kidney dish after slopping around in very lifelike entrails or other realistic props on set?”

Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon on the show, is the leading the compassionate charge when it comes to talking about being vegetarian and this shift in food choices for the whole crew. He’s already well-known for his work with Cruelty Free International’s call to end the testing of cosmetics on animals in the US, as well as his personal soft spot for shelter animals.

For anyone who isn’t already a fan of The Walking Dead (a small population, we’re guessing!) here’s a little ‘taste’ of the show that helps explain why many of the cast and crew are going veg — WARNING: gruesome zombie scenes, proceed only if your stomach is strong!

As if the gory zombie scenes weren’t deterrent enough, (SPOILER ALERT) in last night’s episode, we saw Gareth and the Terminus crew take the post-apocalyptic world to an all-time low, with the cannibalistic “Bob-B-Q” (thanks to Chris Hardwick, host of Talking Dead for that one).

Grossed out? It’s not your fault the creators of The Walking Dead are so amazing at their special effects, but there is a simple solution – one that the cast and crew have clearly adopted. Learn how easy it is to TryVeg here!

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