5 Ways to Make Your Grocery Trip More Earth-Friendly

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Earth Day is just around the corner, and each of us can take steps to protect our planet, including when we go food shopping! Here are a few ways that to can be kinder to the planet on your next trip to the grocery store. Bring Your Own Shopping Bags: Each year, Americans use an estimated 100 billion plastic bags …

Tyson to Pay $2M for Pollution That Killed 100,000 Fish

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Compassion Over Killing’s groundbreaking investigation of Tyson Foods broiler breeder factories revealed egregious animal abuse, and drove unprecedented charges and convictions for cruelty to chickens. And Tyson, the nation’s largest chicken producer, is also taking a devastating toll on the planet. A recent report named the company the leading polluter of the Gulf of Mexico. When Tyson planned to construct a …

Google Going for Lower Carbon Footprint with Plant-Based Lunches

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Plant-based foods have already become a huge hit with Google employees. The company teamed up with Chopt Creative Salad Company on a fresh “veggie lab” in California, a vegetable-packed menu on Google’s New York campus, and more. Now Google is searching for a lower carbon footprint by offering even more eco-friendly plant-based food choices to its team and serving less meat. …


Here’s Why You Have the Power to Protect the Environment

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Today is World Environment Day, and planet Earth is facing plenty of threats, with more challenges undoubtedly ahead. The good news is you don’t need to be a politician or a cape-wearing superhero to enact change. Each one of us has the power to help protect the planet we all call home. That’s why Animal Outlook launched the Plant-Powered Planet Protectors (P4), …


Methane Molly & Plant-Powered Planet Protectors Join Climate March

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The Plant-Powered Planet Protectors (or P4) took to the streets of Washington DC – along with more than 200,000 people from around the world — to participate in the People’s Climate March on Saturday, April 29. P4 marched hundreds of people strong with a colorful display of signs and even some costumes, though we were all united under one banner: …