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There’s No Catch: This Vegan Tuna is Amazing

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Vegan tuna has finally arrived.  Now hitting shelves nationwide at Whole Foods Market and Thrive Market, Good Catch Foods’ vegan tuna is available in three flavors (Naked in Water, Mediterranean, and Oil & Herbs) and provides protein and omega-3 without the suffering behind every serving of fish. All the flavor and no mercury or plastics? Yes, please. As Good Catch …

5 Reasons Fish Are Smarter Than You Think

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When it comes to animals who people consider warm and fuzzy, fish are typically overlooked. Given their cold-blooded biology and underwater residence, it can be more difficult to relate to them than their mammalian counterparts. And because they look, act, and live very differently from animals we’re used to interacting with, we often assume fish can’t feel pain (they don’t scream, …