Innovative New Vegan Raw Tuna Surfaces at Whole Foods

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A new raw vegan tuna has surfaced at Whole Foods, soon available for fish-free sushi rolls at locations in New York and Los Angeles!

Ocean Hugger Foods calls this fish-friendly dish, made from tomatoes, Ahimi, and tells Epicurious that it also has plans in the works for fishless salmon (made from carrots) and eel (made from eggplant).

After all, there are plenty of reasons to leave fish off your dish! Overfishing is quickly decimating fish populations, and fish aren’t the only ones harmed: millions of animals — dolphins, whales, sharks, birds and more — die as by-catch each year, and investigations show that people are forced to work in slave labor in fishing industries around the world.

And as a USA Today article points out, diving in for a deeper look at the new offerings at Whole Foods, “The tuna-free rolls could not only lure vegans and eco-minded consumers concerned about overfishing, but sushi fans who worry about ingesting too much mercury.

Animal agriculture on land takes a devastating toll on sea life, too. It’s a leading cause of water pollution, ocean dead zones, and more. Plus, about 20 million tons of fish are used annually to produce fishmeal and fishoil fed to animals farmed for human consumption — including farmed fish!

The good news is that every time you choose a meal that leaves fish and other animals off your plate, your impact is far more than just a drop in the ocean! You’re saving lives and protecting the planet.

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