VIDEO: 3 Easy Vegan Cake Hacks

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In a new video, Compassion Over Killing’s Vegan Food & Lifestyle Coach Jessica Carter whips up delicious vegan cakes with easy-to-find Duncan Hines cake mixes. You can too! It’s pretty easy these days to swap out animal-based foods for a more compassionate vegan option–just switch out your favorite ingredient for its plant-based counterpart! If you balk at baking or …

Dancing Cow Will Moo-ve You to Choose Plant Milks!

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In Compassion Over Killing’s fun new video, Teegan the vegan cow has a moo-ving message: cow’s milk is for baby cows–choose delicious vegan milks! In this cowptivating video, the COK cow dances her way through the grocery store, highlighting the many healthy and delicious non-dairy milks on the market. She then goes on to explain why you should ditch dairy. …

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COK Video Tours Take Thousands ‘Beyond The Lies’ of Animal Ag

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Compassion Over Killing (COK) has just wrapped up its summer Beyond The Lies tours, and we are proud to announce that with your support for this new COK program, our crews have connected with nearly 12,500 people in 36 cities across the nation on Vans Warped Tour and across California, opening up meaningful dialogue about the shocking truth of how …

Powerful ‘Beyond The Lies’ Summer Video Tour to Bring Thousands Nationwide the Shocking Truth of Life and Death for Farmed Animals

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Compassion Over Killing (COK) proudly announces the launch of our Beyond The Lies tours, kicking off today in California and bringing powerful video outreach to 36 cities nationwide this summer, including on the final cross-country Vans Warped Tour. This inspiring program will raise awareness among thousands of people about the suffering of animals raised and killed for food, empowering them to …

COK’s Patrik Baboumian Video Selected for Animal Film Festival

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Lights, camera, compassion! Compassion Over Killing’s video featuring vegan fitness star Patrik Baboumian, has been officially selected to be in the 2018 Animal Film Festival on February 17! Patrik, one of the world’s strongest men,  shares his story, including how his love of all animals moved him to become built by a healthy plant-based diet. This is COK’s second consecutive …


VIDEO: Meet Smart & Social Turkeys

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Did you know that turkeys recognize each over by voice? These remarkable birds are curious, social, and playful. Yet, approximately 46 million of them will be killed for Thanksgiving alone. Watch our new video below to learn a few fun facts about turkeys, and why we should give them something to be thankful for by leaving them off our holiday …

VIDEO: Stevie the Chicken & Nicky the Pigeon are Inseparable

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Stevie the chicken and Nicky the pigeon are an inseparable pair! Meet them in Compassion Over Killing’s inspiring new video filmed at Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary, where these two birds now live happily. “Love is blind. He doesn’t care that she’s a chicken, and she doesn’t mind that he’s a pigeon and they’re in love with each other and adore …

VIDEO: Take Jane Velez-Mitchell’s Starbucks Cup Challenge

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What’s all the buzz about? Tomorrow = National Coffee Day. In celebration, journalist and animal activist extraordinaire Jane Velez-Mitchell is teaming up with Animal Outlook to kick off her brand-new Starbucks Cup Challenge and turn up the heat for vegan food at locations nationwide. In our new video creating a buzz on social media, Jane shows you a quick and easy …


Inspiring Video Wins Tarshis Foundation Award

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With an empowering message that we all can choose kindness and inspire change, Animal Outlook’s moving new video, “Whose Side are You On?,” has won a Tarshis Award, to be presented at this year’s Animal Film Festival. The video, created by Animal Outlook‘s Jonathan Rosenberry, features vegan activist Lesley Parker Rollins and her family, including daughter Maya. Young Maya meets …