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COK Video Tours Take Thousands ‘Beyond The Lies’ of Animal Ag

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Compassion Over Killing (COK) has just wrapped up its summer Beyond The Lies tours, and we are proud to announce that with your support for this new COK program, our crews have connected with nearly 12,500 people in 36 cities across the nation on Vans Warped Tour and across California, opening up meaningful dialogue about the shocking truth of how animals are raised and killed for food.

After taking the first step of viewing our powerful video, most of these individuals chose to take the next step to make a difference: pledging to try vegan eating!

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Empowered to take action, one viewer sent us this moving message,
“I watched the video y’all showed at Warped Tour. Now I know what really happens in ‘humane slaughter.’ Because of this, I have decided to go vegan. Thank you for helping me open my eyes.”

The Vans Warped Tour put Beyond The Lies center stage with the video below. COK was proud to be part of the final cross-country Warped Tour as a sponsor and by hosting our Beyond The Lies tent at each venue along the way.

Jenna McDougall
, lead vocalist of Tonight Alive, showed her support for our Beyond The Lies team on Warped Tour and took to Instagram to share why she went vegan.

COK sends our thanks to our amazing Beyond The Lies Crew Members on Warped Tour (Bennet Barone, Emma Smith, Nicole West, and Xavier Morris) and our California Tour (Emily Sarasa and Luis Correal). These inspiring individuals traveled far and wide, dedicating their summer to spreading a compassionate message for animals!

“Beyond The Lies has helped people nationwide see the truth behind the lobbying and lies of the meat, dairy, egg, and fishing industries,” said Radish XVX, Compassion Over Killing’s Beyond The Lies Program Manager. “Every view of our video represents an in-depth conversation about animal rights and veganism — and a pledge to eat fewer or no animals.”

Each Beyond The Lies viewer is offered $1.00 to watch our video. This means that each dollar you donate to support this work directly allows us to reach another person who will see the truth behind animal agribusiness and learn more about vegan eating.

“As we gear up to hit the road again in the fall, Beyond The Lies needs your support to fuel our continued work. You can help get us back on the road to reach thousands more people across the country at,” said Jillian Lowry, Compassion Over Killing’s Beyond The Lies Program Coordinator.

Donate by August 31 and your support will be matched dollar-for-dollar. Turn up the heat on Big Ag in August!

COK’s Beyond The Lies fall tour dates and cities will be announced soon. Follow updates at and connect with us on social media: @GoBeyondTheLies.

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