How to Keep Warm (and Warm Animals’ Hearts) this Fall

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Thanks to a cozy selection of animal friendly outerwear hitting the markets each season, you no longer have to rely on wool or down jackets to keep you warm. There’s plenty of stylish vegan clothes that’ll keep you warm and help save animals! Mainstream winter apparel has been straying away from fur and feathers, and COK is here to deliver the good news.

One standout brand is Save The Duck, a company that aims to “live in a totally animal-cruelty-free world.” Although not as well-known as some winter apparel giants, their compassionate message shines through in their products. They use a material called Plumtech padding as an alternative to down feathers. Designed to insulate, it will keep you warm without hurting our feathered friends.

The Casto Parka by all-vegan fashion label Vaute Couture uses a groundbreaking material called Primaloft, which is a zero-waste, fully recycled material. It was designed to replace water-resistant goose down products in the U.S. Army, and is popular amongst Arctic explorers as well.  

The North Face is famous for their reliable jackets and vests, and instead of duck feathers, has incorporated Primaloft into its winter line. The mock down fur consisting of small round fibers are perfect insulation for cold, wet weather.

Don’t forget to accessorize– Free People has a faux silk scarf that will make you wonder why you ever wore the real deal. Using a material called modal, this scarf doesn’t need to be ironed and retains its fiber strength for longer.
Wondering what impact you could truly have just by choosing compassionate clothes? Check out this powerful footage filmed by a COK investigator at a lamb meat slaughterhouse also supplying lambswool and skins for designer boots like UGGs and other products. Plus, find more ways to help here!

Photo: Vaute Couture

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