Do You Eat Like An Ancient Egyptian?

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If you’re a vegetarian, you might have more in common with ancient Egyptians than you thought.

While it’s been previously speculated that ancient Egyptians ate a primarily vegetarian diet, new research not only confirms this but also sheds light on some of the more common foods they ate.

According to an article by Inside Science, after a French research team examined carbon atoms from dozens of mummies who had lived in Egypt between 3500 BC and 600 AD, they determined that ancient Egyptians’ diet was largely based on wheat and barley, and that these foods remained consistent in their diets over a long period of time. This helps to reaffirm that they were skilled farmers as portrayed in paintings in Egyptian tombs.

As the article notes, “eating lots of meat is a recent phenomenon. In ancient cultures vegetarianism was much more common, except in nomadic populations. Most sedentary populations ate fruit and vegetables.”

Although fish was thought to have been a staple in their diets, the results of this new study suggest otherwise. The article concludes: “Most people would probably expect the ancient Egyptians living along the Nile to have eaten loads of fish. However, despite considerable cultural evidence, there seems to have been little fish in their diet.”

If you’re not yet eating like an Egyptian, visit to get started! Choosing vegetarian foods is one of the best ways we can protect animals, our health, and the planet.

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