Activists Flock to Alexandria for McDonald’s Demonstration

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Following the Animal Rights National Conference, this past weekend over 140 activists flocked to McDonald’s in Alexandria, Virginia, to protest the terrible treatment of birds in the burger chain’s chicken supply line.  The demonstration was part of a coalition effort led by The Humane League, Compassion Over Killing, Animal Equality, and Mercy For Animals to encourage the fast food giant …

40,000 Birds Left to Die: Rescuer Describes Shocking Scene of Bankrupt Factory Farm

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Just before the New Year, Maddie Cartwright received an urgent call. A factory farm had gone bankrupt with 40,000 “broiler” chicks in its care. Already starving, dehydrated, and many with injuries from enduring overcrowded conditions and neglect, the farm was planning to kill them or just leave them there to die. Some, in fact, were already dead. Cartwright immediately mobilized …

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Video: Singing Chicken’s Telegram Ruffles Feathers at McDonald’s HQ

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Singing chicken pays a visit to McDonald’s headquarters with an important message We sent a singing chicken to McDonald’s headquarters in Chicago to deliver a telegram message to the fast food giant on behalf of the hundreds of millions of birds suffering in its supply chain. In the telegram, our costumed vocalist sings: “Chickens require a number of things: First, …


600 Birds Rescued While Billions Remain Confined

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This week, the ASPCA discovered over 600 birds crammed into a private residence near Columbus, OH. Among the birds were parakeets, parrots, cockatiels, macaws, and others. After responding to a public complaint about concern for the living conditions of the birds, Columbus Humane called in the ASPCA and all of the birds are now in their care and receiving medical …


“Injured Chickens” Race from Cruelty at Tyson’s Hometown Marathon

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Two costumed “injured chickens” limped in the annual Hogeye Marathon sponsored by Tyson Foods in Springdale, Arkansas, the poultry giant’s hometown, on April 14, urging Tyson to move toward plant protein. Joining the “birds” representing the hundreds of millions of real chickens suffering for Tyson products every year, Animal Outlook volunteers rallied along the sidelines, carrying signs reading: “Tyson: End …

COK & Coalition Oppose Chicken Industry’s Dangerous Plan to Increase Line Speeds

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Compassion Over Killing (COK) has voiced grave concerns to the US Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) over the chicken industry’s proposal to increase already dangerously fast slaughter line speeds and urged thousands of supporters to submit comments to the federal agency. Today, along with a coalition of animal welfare, food and consumer safety, and worker rights organizations, we’ve announced that more …

Major Egg Producer’s Stocks Drop as Consumers Pick Vegan

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One the nation’s leading producers of eggs, Cal-Maine, has cited a consumer shift toward plant-based egg options as a reason its profits are dropping! The company has stated a $74.3 million loss for the 2017 fiscal year and stocks are down by 22%, as it produces more eggs than it can sell. CNBC reports: “A surge in the popularity of …


VIDEO: Meet Smart & Social Turkeys

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Did you know that turkeys recognize each over by voice? These remarkable birds are curious, social, and playful. Yet, approximately 46 million of them will be killed for Thanksgiving alone. Watch our new video below to learn a few fun facts about turkeys, and why we should give them something to be thankful for by leaving them off our holiday …