Dancing Cow Will Moo-ve You to Choose Plant Milks!

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In Compassion Over Killing’s fun new video, Teegan the vegan cow has a moo-ving message: cow’s milk is for baby cows–choose delicious vegan milks!

In this cowptivating video, the COK cow dances her way through the grocery store, highlighting the many healthy and delicious non-dairy milks on the market. She then goes on to explain why you should ditch dairy.

Watch, share, and dance along:

Cows on dairy farms aren’t dancing. Forcibly impregnanted each year, mothers will have their babies taken away so that their milk can be sold for human consumption. Many of these stolen babies will end up confined in a small pen for their short lives before they are sold for veal.

Industrial dairy farms are nothing like the image of a pastoral barn and fields that many of us see in stores. Cows are kept in filthy conditions and frequent milking with their udders hooked up to machines often results in painful conditions like mastitis. After a few years, mothers’ milk production will slow and they’ll be slaughtered as well.

We don’t have to give our money to this cruel industry. As Teegan the dancing cow shows us, there are lots of delicious options that don’t require animal exploitation.

So raise a glass to compassion and take Teegan the vegan’s advice: ditch dairy milk.

Make an impact by signing our petition urging Little Caesars to take a slice out of cruelty and offer vegan cheese — so every cow can dance for joy!

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