The Meaning of Traditions on This Vegan Thanksgiving

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My eight-year-old came home last week with a reading passage on Thanksgiving and the meaning of traditions as part of his homework. As many third-grade assignments do, it was written in a way meant to dictate a certain set of principles and ask the children to “make an inference” about them – in this case, on the meaning of certain …

6 Reasons to Donate to an Animal Organization this #GivingTuesday–Even if You’re Not Vegan Yet

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People go vegan for many reasons, from saving animals, to protecting their health, to safeguarding the environment. While Compassion Over Killing works to protect farmed animals and empower vegan eating, we realize that our work intersects with all kinds of other issues. And we believe that choosing a more compassionate lifestyle can have positive effects in many ways! So even …

Turkey Sales Plummet as Vegan Thanksgiving Options Expand

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As sales are rising for vegan foods, the animal agriculture industry is feeling the pressure. Approaching Thanksgiving, turkey sales are already down, with companies claiming an excess of birds. Or in other words: too much supply and too little demand. Luckily, it’s easier than ever to have a compassionate, vegan Thanksgiving. Hain Celestial’s poultry arm, Hain Pure Protein, was operating …


VIDEO: Meet Smart & Social Turkeys

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Did you know that turkeys recognize each over by voice? These remarkable birds are curious, social, and playful. Yet, approximately 46 million of them will be killed for Thanksgiving alone. Watch our new video below to learn a few fun facts about turkeys, and why we should give them something to be thankful for by leaving them off our holiday …


Celebrate Compassion: Easy Vegan Thanksgiving Feast

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This Thanksgiving, let’s give turkeys something to be thankful for – compassionate cooking. Sadly, around 45 million turkeys are slaughtered each year for Thanksgiving alone. During this time of gratitude, we can all help these smart and social birds by leaving them off our holiday tables. Thankfully, there are so many delicious plant-based options available for your compassionate celebration. Here are …


An Easy Feast for Your Vegan Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is nearly here, and sadly, nearly 46 million turkeys will be killed for this holiday alone. The good news this November is that it’s easier than ever to opt for kind, compassionate alternatives that are just as delicious and will impress every eater celebrating at your Thanksgiving table. Here are some of our favorite vegan recipes for a Thanksgiving feast …