Inspiring Video Wins Tarshis Foundation Award

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videoWith an empowering message that we all can choose kindness and inspire change, Animal Outlook’s moving new video, “Whose Side are You On?,” has won a Tarshis Award, to be presented at this year’s Animal Film Festival.

The video, created by Animal Outlook‘s Jonathan Rosenberry, features vegan activist Lesley Parker Rollins and her family, including daughter Maya. Young Maya meets rescued pigs at Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary and decides to explore where meat comes from. Deciding to leave animals off her plate, she inspires her family to join her in enjoying a vegan meal together.

This family-friendly short is a great watch for people of all ages, and we hope it inspires and uplifts you as much as it has us.

The Amber and Adam Tarshis Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to animal welfare and advocating the benefits of plant-based lifestyles, seeks to fund individuals and organizations who effectively advocate the health, environmental and humane merits of plant-based, vegetarian and vegan lifestyles.
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  1. This video mad me happy and sad, this will always make me a better kid, and still move on to the vegan path, and stand up against my brother. One day, I will have a vegan family, and tell my kids about veganism. 🙂

    -From your supporter, GamerGamer.

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