Celebrate Compassion with This Easy Vegan Thanksgiving Menu

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If you’re a DIY’er when it comes to cooking, Thanksgiving is your Super Bowl. After all, this is the smorgasbord the whole fam’s been waiting for since last November. But planning your turkey-free table can be just as easy as any other holiday feast. If you’ve decided to celebrating a compassionate Thanksgiving, (long live turkeys like Tallulah), we’ve got a lineup …

Reader’s Choice: Vegan Butcher Leading USA Today’s ‘Best Food & Drink Makers’

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UPDATE 10/28/16: Wow! The Herbivorous Butcher has won the “popular vote,” named by USA Today readers the BEST Food & Drink Maker in the USA! A popular all-vegan butcher shop is up for a coveted win in USA Today’s 10Best Reader’s Choice Awards. With just one week left to cast your vote, The Herbivorous Butcher stands at #1 on the leaderboard for Best Food & Drink Makers in …


Google and Chopt Promote Food Powered by Plants

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Google’s Trends app shows that vegan eating is on the rise and here to stay — even Google itself is touting the benefits of plant-based foods. As QSR reports, the mega-tech company has teamed up with Chopt Creative Salad Company in an effort to provide access to more plant-based foods — a huge hit among Google employees — and to …

meatless monday

Meatless Monday: World Health Summit Goes Meat-Free

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Meatless Monday menu is highlight of World Health Summit  Awareness of the dire health risks presented by a diet laden with animal products is ever-growing, and so too is awareness of the many health benefits of a plant-based diet. Research shows that processed meats can cause cancer and that a meat-heavy diet is as bad as smoking. On the flip side, from …


Vegan Eating In The Spotlight

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Vegan eating is more popular than ever. Here, fashion and lifestyle magazine Vogue highlights a vegan pop tart recipe from Rawcells, calling it a “healthier version” of the well-known toaster treat, and adds that one look at the Rawcells Instagram page might convince you to go vegan. Other publications are putting plants on their pages (digital or otherwise) too. SELF just posted four …

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Fruits and Veggies Can Make You Happier, Study Finds

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Fruits and veggies aren’t just good for your heart — they’re good for your smile, too. New research shows that eating fruits and veggies can actually boost happiness levels. Researchers at the University of Warwick, England, and the University of Queensland, Australia, followed 12,385 randomly selected subjects via food diaries and psychological tests. They were observed in 2007, 2009 and …


Dairy-Free: Dairy Reporter Names Vegan Cheese Top New Product

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Dairy-free is winning as demand for dairy drops. In fact, the plant-based dairy alternatives market is expected to reach $20 billion by 2020. And the dairy industry is taking note. In fact, industry news site The Dairy Reporter just released a “what’s new in the dairy aisle” list — and guess what was featured in the top spot? Dairy-free cheese slices …

New Lawsuit Challenges Hormel’s “Natural” Claims as Misleading

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Late last year, COK’s gut-wrenching undercover video inside a Hormel Foods pig slaughterhouse went viral. The footage not only exposed extreme cruelty, but it also called into question the efficacy of the USDA’s high-speed slaughter pilot program, known as HIMP. This shocking story continues to garner attention — including a temporary USDA shutdown of the facility and a powerful letter …

Meat Industry Running Scared About Meatless Monday in the Military

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Plant-based eating is rapidly on the rise — even in the military — and the meat industry is running scared. The effort is being led by Senator Joni Ernst from Iowa, which happens to be one of the largest animal agribusiness states in the US that also passed an ag-gag law in 2012. Enrst, who describes Meatless Mondays as “misguided …