Research: Oppression of Animals and Women Linked

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A new study, published in the journal of Feminism and Psychology, draws ties between attitudes about meat eating and gender and sexism. Researchers Ashley Allcorn and Shirley M. Ogletree surveyed hundreds of undergraduate students at a Texas university. They write that their findings “empirically supported ‘the linked oppression thesis,’ that gender and animal attitudes are connected.” “As hypothesized, pro meat-eating …

Study: A Vegan U.S. Could Feed 350 Million More People

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Vegan eating can have a powerful, positive impact not only on animals and the planet, but on our health, too.  And research finds that a shift toward plant-based foods can also fight hunger. A new study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that if the United States went vegan, it could feed millions more people, while the …

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Fruits and Veggies Can Make You Happier, Study Finds

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Fruits and veggies aren’t just good for your heart — they’re good for your smile, too. New research shows that eating fruits and veggies can actually boost happiness levels. Researchers at the University of Warwick, England, and the University of Queensland, Australia, followed 12,385 randomly selected subjects via food diaries and psychological tests. They were observed in 2007, 2009 and …


Study Proves Pigs Have Plenty to Say

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Pigs are talking, and here’s why we should be listening: Research suggests that the sounds they make are significant, conveying important information about their well-being and response to their environment. This sounds like common sense to those of us who have spent time at sanctuaries, and science is finally catching up. Researchers at the University of Lincoln found that pigs’ …