Google and Chopt Promote Food Powered by Plants

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As Google’s Trends app has shown, vegan eating is on the rise and here to stay! Even Google itself is touting the benefits of plant-based foods.

As QSR reports, the mega-tech company has teamed up with Chopt Creative Salad Company in efforts to provide plant-based foods — which have been a huge hit among Google employees — and to “explore the future of plant-based foods.”

Like Chopt, Google believes that a more balanced, plant-forward diet will not only enhance the wellbeing of its employees but also be better for the environment and the world at large,” Chopt Co-Founder Colin McCabe told QSR, “This shared vision, combined with Chopt’s expertise in crafting exciting plant-based offerings, enabled the team to truly reimagine what vegetables can and should be.”

From a “veggie lab” in California, to a vegetable-packed menu at Google’s New York campus, Chopt and Google continue to tout plant power and as McCabe puts it in QSR, “demonstrate how exciting a plant-based diet can be.”

He says: “By putting vegetables first, we have the chance to build healthier people and communities, stronger local economies, and a more sustainable world in general.

Looking for healthy and delicious plant-based foods? You can always do a quick search on Google — but we also have tons of recipes, tips, blogs and much more to help you get started at!

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