Dairy Reporter Names Vegan Cheese Top New Product

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Dairy demand is dropping, and consumers are simply scooping dairy-free products off the shelves. In fact, the plant-based dairy alternatives market is expected to reach $20 billion by 2020!

The dairy industry is taking note. In fact, industry news site The Dairy Reporter just released a “What’s New in the Dairy Aisle” list — and guess what was featured in the top spot? Dairy-free cheese slices by Daiya!

The dairy-centric site notes that Daiya cheese is dairy-free, and adds that these new-and-improved Swiss and provolone slices join a full line of other plant-based products.

Major companies are responding to the growing demand for options that leave milk to the cows. Thanks to your requests and successful COK campaigns, coffee and baked-goods giants Dunkin’ Donuts and Tim Horton’s offer non-dairy milks for coffee at many locations. Ben & Jerry’s recently introduced a whopping FOUR vegan flavors into its line of ice creams. TCBY offers almond milk frozen yogurt, to which you can add fruit, nuts and other vegan toppings.

Plant-based options are sprouting up everywhere, in mainstream stores and restaurants nationwide — and around the world! With so many options available, you have more power than ever before to choose compassion instead of supporting the cruelty inflicted by the dairy industry upon cows and their calves.

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Photo: Daiya Foods

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