COK Investigator Taylor Wins Whistleblower of the Year!

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Taylor never intended for her story to be so widely shared. She didn’t want the spotlight shined on her. Her mission was – and still is – to shine that spotlight on the hidden horrors forced upon animals raised for food.

But then, in what Taylor describes as a “twisted nightmare,” after she documented and reported egregious animal abuse to newborn dairy calves inside a Colorado facility, authorities retaliated by charging her with a crime.

Her story garnered national and international news and prompted nearly 200,000 people to sign a petition urging authorities to drop the bogus charge against her. It also inspired Whistleblower Insider to nominate her for a Whistleblower of the Year award.

Last week we shared good news that the District Attorney in Weld County, Colorado filed a motion to dismiss the case against her.

And now there’s more good news to share: after tallying thousands of votes, Whistleblower Insider announced that Taylor has been named Whistleblower of the Year! You can read the full announcement by Whistleblower Insider.

Thank you to everyone who’s been standing with Taylor. She’s deeply grateful for all of the support.  While she may now be free from this ordeal, the charge against her was wholly unsupported by the law, and it reeks of political motivation fueled by an agribusiness industry desperately lashing out in an effort to stop undercover investigators from exposing the truth.

Taylor asked us to share this important message (read her full letter): “The motive behind my charges spoke to how effective Compassion Over Killing’s undercover investigations are, and how important it is that we keep the cameras rolling.

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